Veteran reggaeton singer Don Omar announces cancer diagnosis at 46

 June 19, 2024

After announcing his diagnosis of cancer, Don Omar has stated that he is "cancer-free" one day later.

On Tuesday, the legendary reggaeton artist posted a selfie on his Instagram account, along by a text written in Spanish, as USA Today reported.

The caption stated that he "woke up today cancer free" and that his surgery was a "success." He also expressed gratitude to his supporters for their well-wishes in what confused many, considering it was one of the fastest recoveries many hae ever seen.

Report Status

According to the National Cancer Institute, a pathology report is normally delivered to the physician of a patient within ten days of the execution of surgical procedures.

The most recent information on his health comes a day after Don made a surprising announcement on Instagram, in which he divulged that he had been diagnosed with a type of cancer that was not disclosed.

He uploaded a picture of himself wearing a bracelet that was made by Orlando Health, which is a facility that provides medical services and is located in Orlando, Florida.

From the Artist

"Today yes, but tomorrow I won't have cancer," Don Omar wrote in Spanish. "Good intentions are well received. See you soon."

Attempts have been made by journalists to contact representatives of Don Omar in order to obtain further information.

A number of Don Omar's contemporaries in the Latin music scene flocked to the comments area to express their admiration and support for the 46-year-old musician.

"We’re moving forward, champion," Jerry Rivera commented in Spanish. "You know the Word, and you’ve known God for a while. You’ve always been a winner, and that’s not going to change. You are healthy in the name of the lord!"

"Lots of strength (to you)," Ozuna wrote in Spanish. "God is with you 🧸." Jowell of Jowell & Randy also commented in Spanish, "Brother, we are with you."

Professional History

Don Omar, who was born William Omar Landrón Rivera in Puerto Rico, is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of contemporary reggaeton.

In 2003, the rapper and singer who has been awarded a Latin Grammy made his debut with "The Last Don," which was certified double-platinum in the United States. He also achieved a Top 40 success on Billboard's Latin Pop Airplay chart with "Dile."

Don's subsequent album, "King of Kings," was certified quadruple-platinum and yielded the reggaetonero a No. 1 success with "Angelito."

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