Video shows Biden struggling through technical difficulties during Zoom call: ‘Am I muted?’

President Joe Biden was elected in November despite months of frequently uttering bizarre statements and making embarrassing gaffes on the campaign trail.

After his inauguration in January, however, his error-prone behavior has not diminished, as Fox News Channel personality Sean Hannity exposed in a video clip showing the president struggling to unmute himself during a recent teleconference.

“Things are only getting worse”

Throughout the 2020 presidential cycle, the Democratic nominee was widely criticized for incidents including his apparent inability to describe what state he was in or which public office to which he hoped to be elected.

Hannity, for his part, devoted a segment of his broadcast on Wednesday evening to airing footage from a Zoom call he described as “the latest example” of Biden’s supposed cognitive decline. Last month, Hannity called attention to the president’s behavior, asking viewers to consider “who’s really in charge” at the White House.

“Tonight, things are only getting worse,” the host said, introducing the clip. As the footage revealed, Biden was seen speaking while an off-camera voice appeared to inform him that his microphone had been placed on mute.

“Am I muted?” the president asked twice before the problem was corrected. It soon became clear, however, that it would not be the only technical difficulty he would experience during the call.

“When I became vice president — leave that alone, guys, OK?” he said a short time later. “Um, tell them not to move that, all right? I — I’m having troubles here, OK?”

“God help us”

Hannity was clear in his determination that the American people should be concerned about a president who behaves in such a manner on a regular basis.

“That’s the guy that’s tasked with the hardest job in the world, running, let’s see, the entire free world and the greatest country God ever gave man,” he told his audience. “God help us.”

Of course, Hannity is far from the only pundit to express such misgivings. During the same broadcast, the Fox host spoke to U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and conservative commentator Dan Bongino to gauge their reaction to the incident.

Bongino asserted that the president’s handlers want to see “everything scripted all the time” because they doubt he has “the capacity” to answer unscripted questions.

Gaetz offered a similar assessment, noting that “Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee have actually sought to democratize” the nuclear codes in Biden’s possession so that he “would not have the authority to launch a first strike in his current condition.”

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19 Responses

  1. Ya know what deal with it all you idiots in the media wanted this all you could do was bash Trump and try to make that old idiot Biden look good this is what you voted for so just shut the hell up and deal with the problem you created by voting for this idiot

  2. He did not win the election, it was stolen from Trump. This idiot belong in hospice, he is going down hill quickly.

    1. Not only is Biden going down hill quickly, so is Pelosi and they are dragging their cronies right along with them. I wish the Supreme Court would actually act supreme and look at evidence. We would not be in this mess today!

    2. Yes and Biden even was so dumb to tell us beforehand that he had the most extensive fraud ever set up and got away with it. (I’m sure he had help setting it up as he could not do it alone)

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  4. Oh Man I wish I were muted –
    Every time he open his mouth it’s disaster – hope DNC feel this man was worth STEALING AN ELECTION OVER!
    Our country is the laughing stock of the entire world!!!!

  5. The democrat leadership:
    1. Dementia. Biden and Pelosi. Pelosi is(special kind of playground bully)
    2. Neophytes. The squat 5
    The real leaders are being controlled by who?

  6. All this, coupled with his falling up the stairs of Air Force one( as he was trying to appear spry, and almost becoming a “ splat”) should tell everyone he is too incapacitated to hold the office of President. Our country is the laughing stock of the world again, just like when Obama was in office! This man and the ho and Piglosi must go! Impeach them all!

    1. I wished he would have flipped over the side rail for his final performance. Man was I pissed that didn’t happen.

  7. The media is failing miserably at covering for the Buffoon in Chief. This is quite sad watching such a statesman carry on as usual for the last 50 years. Maybe more China funds will shore him up.

  8. Why should i say anything? The right people want do anything to get rid of the wrongful president and Vice president!!

  9. Don’t worry GOD is not going to let these Democrat Buffons do but so much damage to his creation. GOD is going to step in very soon and send these idiots to their just rewards. The Devel is standing with the dorway open waiting for the fake news to lead the polititans and unbelivers home for their just eternal rewards. This is a sure as the sun shines on the true Christians of this world.

  10. Biden can’t be in charge of a paper bag, let alone be a president. It’s a disgrace. The rest of the world must be laughing at us.

  11. Biden always humiliates him self. Biden is not worth a damn in the office he holds now. Biden always lies to the American people about everything.

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