Video re-emerges of Cuomo encouraging female reporter to ‘eat the whole sausage’

New allegations of sexual harassment against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo compound the controversy surrounding his administration in the wake of reports that he helped cover up the true COVID-19 death toll among his state’s nursing home population.

The latest claims have involved multiple females who previously worked closely with the governor — and now a video from about five years ago is making the rounds on social media, where it is being viewed differently in light of the new accusations.

“I’m definitely going to eat it”

According to reports, the clip was recorded at the 2016 New York State Fair and involved Cuomo’s interaction with a female reporter.

The governor had been seated next to his daughter when he asked Winchester-based news anchor Beth Cefalu if she would eat an entire sausage. He later motioned for one of his aides to deliver a plate to the reporter and she thanked him.

“I want to see you eat the whole sausage,” he added.

With a laugh, Cefalu replied: “I don’t know if I should eat the whole sausage in front of you, but I’m definitely going to eat it.”

Cuomo then encouraged her to sit next to him at the crowded table and the pair snapped a selfie before he engaged with others at the table. At the moment the photo was taken, he noted that there was “too much sausage in that picture.”

“Two people enjoying one event”

For her part, however, Cefalu made it clear that she is not included among the women who say they felt threatened or harassed by the governor.

“I was not pressured/harassed,” she tweeted, describing the encounter as “two people enjoying one event — the NYS fair — that gives them a little more freedom to be informal” and describing it as “sad” that the video is “being turned into anything more.”

With an apparently sarcastic nod of appreciation for Fox News and its report on the incident, Cefalu wrote that it is “really sad that any media will turn fun at the fair into some sleazy scandal that it wasn’t.”

In a statement to Fox, she said that Cuomo “was trying to be nice” and buy her meal, asserting that she did not “feel harassed in any way.”

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  1. Give the NY GOV a sausage as a memento when he makes his final walk out the door. Will the NY people again vote for another Jerko, or one who can run the State in a safe and stable manner?

  2. Maybe he could open a tube steak stand near his perverted hangouts. No real meat will be served.

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