Video montage reveals Kamala Harris’ history of far-left, radical views

Banning plastic straws, letting felons vote…say what you want about vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, but she really knows how to appeal to the average Joe.

A supercut of less than three minutes from Breitbart shows that Harris is hardly a “pragmatic moderate,” despite what her defenders may say.

Video exposes radical views

Before her own presidential campaign fizzled out, Harris showed a promiscuous interest in radical policies, and she even came up with some policies that no one had even thought of before.

As the video from Breitbart showed, Harris showed a spark of originality when she called for Donald Trump to be banned from Twitter, claiming that he was “weaponizing” the platform and putting lives in danger, The Hill reported.

The Democrat was just as uncompromising on the issue of abortion, insisting that “women will die” unless the country bows to her plans to federalize extreme pro-choice laws. Harris, who proposed requiring states to get federal approval before they pass abortion restrictions, has also been assailed as an anti-Catholic figure for her hostile questioning of one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees.

“It is not an exaggeration to say women will die. Poor women, women of color will die because these Republican legislatures in these various states who are out of touch with America are telling women what to do with their bodies,” Harris said in October 2019, according to the National Catholic Register.

Harris also famously supported “Medicare for All” before wobbling on the issue, and she even suggested giving free health care to illegal immigrants.

Moderate label still persists

The Democrat also created a little problem for “working class” Joe Biden with her pledge to ban fracking, and for good measure, she’d like to ban plastic straws to stop the “existential threat” of climate change.

Harris is also fine with making sweeping structural changes to America’s institutions, suggesting that it’s time to consider nixing the Senate filibuster and to “have a conversation” about letting violent felons and terrorists vote from prison, all in pursuit of her party’s radical agenda.

“I am prepared to get rid of the filibuster to pass a Green New Deal,” Harris said in September, according to Fox News.

Harris is free to rescind any of these positions at any time she likes, but for now, she’s somehow being labeled a “moderate” by the mainstream press.

The vice presidential hopeful is certainly full of ideas.

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