Video shows Pelosi admitting responsibility for security failures on Jan. 6

 June 12, 2024

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spent resources, time, and mountains of taxpayer money in an effort to paint a narrative that former President Donald Trump was responsible for what happened on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol. 

However, over the course of the past few days, Republican House members investigating Pelosi and the House J6 Select Committee have unveiled several bombshells that were previously not made available to the public.

The latest, according to Fox News, is an admission from Pelosi herself that she was responsible for the security failures at the Capitol building that day.

The unearthed video clearly shows Pelosi taking responsibility for what happened.

What's going on?

The video, released by House Republicans this week, shows Pelosi while she was evacuating the Capitol that day. She was in a heated discussion with Chief of Staff Terri McCullough over the security failures, for which she took the blame.

"We have responsibility, Terri. We did not have any accountability for what was going on there. And we should have," Pelosi says in the video.

She added, "This is ridiculous. You’re going to ask me in the middle of the thing when they’ve already breached…that, should we call the Capitol Police? I mean the National Guard? Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?"

Responding to her aide who said that Capitol Police thought they were prepared, Pelosi fired back, "They clearly didn’t know, and I take responsibility for not having them just prepared for more."

The video, which is nothing less than a bombshell, was never made available during the course of the J6 Committee's investigation. No surprise there.

More whoppers

Pelosi, in the video, also insulted Trump's supporters, and held nothing back in her elitist thoughts about them.

"It’s stupid that we should be in a situation like this, because they thought they had what- they thought these people would act civilized? They thought these people would give a damn?" Pelosi said.

"What is it that is missing here in terms of anticipation? They give us a piece of paper that says walk through the tunnel, don’t walk outside. That’s your preparation?"

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), chair of the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, has led the charge this week in exposing the lies told by Pelosi and the J6 Committee. Hopefully, there's more to come.

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