Video shows Republican woman being choked at Kathy Hochul rally

Republicans have often been accused of inciting political violence, with some even attempting to link the party to Paul Pelosi’ recent hammer attack without any evidence.

However, a shocking example of Democratic violence occurred this weekend when a supporter of New York Gov. Kathy Hochul was caught choking one of her critics. 

That incident was caught on video at a Hochul rally in New York City on Saturday by an independent journalist who operates a Twitter account called Viral News NY.

The incident

The footage shows a large man aggressively reach over and begin throttling a woman who came to protest Hochul’s speech.

Viral News NY subsequently tweeted out images of the woman receiving medical treatment in an ambulance by first responders.

“They didn’t want to hear what I had to say”

The victim later described her ordeal in an interview, saying, “I was here holding my sign and (engaging in) peaceful protest against, you know, Gov. Hochul, and a woman, a very large heavy-set woman–might have been a man–came and took my sign.

“As I was trying to receive my sign there was another man. He came and choked me and there was two other people that were coming in and preventing me from trying to get my sign,” she continued.

“I was never…I never wanted to get physical with anyone, I was just there peacefully holding my sign and, you know, they didn’t want to hear what I had to say.”

Fox News identified the woman as Republican voter Angelica Torres, and she told the network, “I was pretty much defenseless, outnumbered. I was certainly shocked. I was definitely kind of like not expecting that to happen.”