Shocking videos show attacks on Jewish Americans in New York City: Report

As the latest armed conflict between Israel and Hamas-backed terrorists in Palestine winds down in the Middle East, it seems the violence is picking up on America’s streets.

A new report from the Daily Wire revealed that Jews were targeted and met with shocking violence Thursday in “a heavily Jewish business district in New York City.” The attacks were said to have come just as news broke of a ceasefire between Israel and its adversaries.

What’s going on?

According to the Daily Wire, video posted to social media showed at least some of the alleged attackers holding a Palestinian flag, prompting speculation that the violence was spurred by pro-Palestine extremists in New York.

In another Twitter video, uploaded by attorney Ari Ingel, individuals can clearly be seen terrorizing reported Jews who were dining in a restaurant, including spitting on them.

A bottle was also thrown at the diners by the Palestinian supporters, Ingel said.

Harriet Alexander, a reporter from the Daily Mail, also uploaded video footage that shows individuals throwing commercial fireworks out of a car near a large crowd of people in the middle of a protest where both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine activists were present. One woman was reportedly burned as a result of the incident.

One Twitter user pulled zero punches when describing the violent attacks, alleging: “These are not Palestinian terror supporters. These are actual terrorists on the streets of New York City. Attacking diners for one reason. They’re Jewish.”

Why is this happening?

The outbreak of violence on the streets of major American cities came in the wake of escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine, adding to a long, deadly history of violent clashes between the two factions.

The situation in Israel initially started after Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli police in the streets of Israel on the heels of controversy over evictions in the Gaza Strip. Those protests eventually led to Hamas terrorists launching thousands of rockets at Israel, which, in turn, led to a swift and decisive military response from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

On Thursday, a ceasefire was announced between Israel and Palestine, with President Joe Biden taking partial credit for brokering the deal, citing his repeated talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to NBC News, the ceasefire deal was ultimately brokered through Egypt, as Israel’s Security Cabinet reportedly agreed “to accept the Egyptian initiative for a bilateral cease-fire, which will take effect at a later date.”

Biden has yet to comment on the uptick in anti-Semitic violence, despite the fact that, unlike some progressive Democrats, the president publicly defended Israel throughout the conflict.

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  5. So Biden supported Israel in public, so now tell me who did he support in privet. I will bet it was not Israel. Biden never supports the HONEST side. Just look at what he is doing to America.

  6. Hamas and their suppliers/supporters need to be eradicated from the face of the earth. They serve no useful function!!!

  7. As long as the jewish people keep voting dem and not holding their dem politicians accountable, why should the rest of care?


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  9. Tps,,,, u got it exactly right. They have by large voted Dem for years. Or should that be Dim?

  10. Why do they vote Dem when the Dems are the ones crucifying them? Sheesh that’s just stupid. They are after the Jewish now the same as Hitlers’ era was. That shows how far left America has gone, at least the Dem side. So stop voting DEM!!!

  11. No, today’s “dems” are not friends of our Jewish brethren, nor are they friends of the rest of US! They are no longer democrats, they are now “communists” and have been since the 1960’s. Some members of that “dem” party have been slow to reveal themselves, but are no longer hiding it. Too many of US didn’t pay enough attention and did not see the change – -but it is here and very evident, right now.

  12. Why wouldn’t the police take care of it? Because they have been so defunded that they have no desire to put themselves in harms way because they will not be backed up by the politicians in their state. This is just the way the holocaust started. And the dems don’t care.

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  14. Democrat’s are liyng from their a-s they did not help Israel they were for the hate filled commie people The media is so full of communist love nobody believes in the CNN news they are the trouble makers

  15. Thanks to Biden we have TERRORIST groups all over America starting with blm and antifa all here illegally …. it looks like Biden let in more gestapo to destroy OUR country !!!!!

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