‘We didn’t get into politics’: Actor Vince Vaughn dismisses criticism over ‘cordial’ encounter with Trump

Given the overwhelming disdain toward President Donald Trump among many in Hollywood, plenty of entertainers likely refrain from expressing any sentiments that could be interpreted as supportive toward him.

For actor Vince Vaughn, however, the backlash over his recent handshake with the president did not convince him to apologize for the polite encounter, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

“Cordial to her as well”

The Dodgeball star told the Los Angeles Times on Friday that he is not interested in appeasing the advocates of “cancel culture” who targeted him in the wake of the supposedly controversial greeting.

That incident dates back to January, at which time a viral video showed Vaughn and Trump engaging in a friendly manner while attending a football game.

As it turns out, the actor is not necessarily a Trump supporter. Instead, he expressed a desire to view others as individuals instead of the sum of their political beliefs.

“In my career I’ve met a lot of politicians who I’ve always been cordial to; I’ve met Nancy Pelosi and was cordial to her as well,” Vaughn explained.

He noted that this was his only meeting with the president, describing Trump as “very personable” and explaining that the two “didn’t get into policies.”

“More charged than ever”

Furthermore, Vaughn pointed out that he also met Democratic strategist James Carville at the same event.

The self-described libertarian, he told the Times that he values free speech, suggesting that he is not losing any sleep over the outrage of a vocal minority that cannot tolerate disagreement.

“I think people are more charged than ever about these things,” Vaughn said. “But I don’t think most people take that stuff as seriously as the small percentage that’s making noise about it.”

As for his preferred candidate, he explained that the only candidate he ever openly supported was former Libertarian presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

Nevertheless, he explained why he is able to see past partisan disagreements on a personal level, adding: “I was raised with the idea that you could have different likes and beliefs and you should respect and defend that in other people, not shout it down. The people you disagree with the most, you should stand up for their right to do that.”

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