Violent protests erupt in Minnesota over shooting of Black man, National Guard called in

At a time when law enforcement officials and residents of Minnesota are gearing up for what could be a new and explosive round of protests depending on the outcome of the trial involving Derek Chauvin, the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd, another deadly incident erupted on Sunday night.

According to the New York Post, violent protests broke out Sunday evening in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, which is in the Twin Cities area of the state, over the officer-involved shooting death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Looting, destruction, and violence exploded to a level that prompted officials to call in the National Guard.

What happened?

Though a number of misleading or outright false stories about Wright’s death dominated social media on Sunday and likely contributed to the anger that sparked the deadly riots, law enforcement officials say that Wright was pulled over on Sunday afternoon for a traffic violation.

The situation escalated quickly as police reported that Wright, who had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest, was shot by a Brooklyn Center police officer after he jumped back into his vehicle attempted to speed away. Wright managed to drive for several blocks before crashing and ultimately succumbing to his gunshot wounds.

Crowds quickly surrounded the scene where the shooting took place as Wright’s mother and family members made an appearance. Soon, many members of the impromptu protest turned increasingly hostile and ultimately violent.

As some protesters wielded Black Lives Matter and Georg Floyd signs, some of the angry mob members began chucking rocks, bottles, and other projectiles at riot gear-clad police officers, turning a tense situation into one that resulted in injuries and destruction.

Police officers fought back, firing countless tear gas and smoke canisters to disperse the crowd, along with various non-lethal munitions to prevent the situation from escalating, although later reports emerged that someone in the crowd fired live rounds into the police station, reaching as far as the lobby.

Looting for justice?

As is typical of riots involving officer-involved shootings, those who weren’t at the actual protest scene took a different course of action, which included smashing the windows of dozens of local businesses and helping themselves to free stuff, including pizza, shoes, and electronics.

On Monday, social media was flooded with first-hand videos clearly revealing hundreds of looters stealing merchandise from a wide variety of local businesses and speeding off in waiting vehicles.

It wasn’t until nearly midnight after a bulk of the violence and looting occurred that officials made the call to bring in the National Guard to prevent further escalation or destruction in the area. The Star Tribune reported that additional troops would be arriving on Monday in case the violence reignites throughout the week.

This surprise event was the last thing that a city on edge needed, possibly days or a few short weeks before a verdict in the Chauvin trial is announced. Residents and business owners in the area should brace for the absolute worst, at this point in time.

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22 Responses

  1. Really stupid of MSM & y’all call every shooting a BLACK Person was shot, but when WHITE person are law officer No One say White person was shot so why dont you stop be THE RACIST & tell damn truth

    1. anytime a black person is wronged or appears to be wronged the blacks start looting and rioting about how they have been treated. Well why don’t the USA remove all the blacks and democrats from our towns and cities. It would make things a lot easier and safer.

      1. It seems that some people can not learn to COMPLY when a Law Enforcement makes a request. It would seem prudent that the lives that are being taken are from those that FLEE and refuse to peacefully to handle the problem at Hand. Drugs have often been involved – one way or the other. “DRUGS HELP KILL.”

    2. Yes Clifton I agree wholeheartedly…so true…they do turn to rioting… severely injuring or killing people… their own people… destructing black businesses etc. Most incidences would not happen if they just cooperate instead of trying to get out of being handcuffed… trying to run away etc. When the police find out there are warrants or other infractions… that’s primarily why this leads to a bad ending…there are good police officers and bad officers…just like there are good law abiding citizens n bad citizens…quit playing the race card…do you see other people who lose loved ones rioting…looting n damaging properties… businesses…homes… police stations… court houses…ice facilities etc….do you?

  2. A peaceful protest is one thing but looting, destroying businesses and stealing is another. It is just an excuse to be able to steal and possibly get away with it. If at all possible, if they should be caught, they need to learn that there is consequences for every action.

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  4. Talk about discrimination… About the “WHITE” Race.
    The Blacks call us White-ties.
    Indians name us Pale Faces
    Jews call us Goy or animal
    Other Races have other names for us.
    And the Black People think they have it bad. They don’t know what bad is.

  5. So we know there a two justice system so when is Harris and the democrats going to start bailing them out if they are even arrested

  6. So when will the directive be given to the General Public. “Looters will be Shot,” No questions asked !! Perhaps all the young people stealing merchandise will get the Message, Steal at your own risk.

  7. When you are stopped by police listen and do what they say and no one gets hurt. The criminals that fight and run are the problem not the police. Wake up America. Although I believe it’s too late once they cheated and got away with it they will cheat to stay in office till they die.

    1. I agree fully The police are trying to their jobs under really bad conditions. I you are not doing something against the law than conduct you self with in the law. If you try to get away or interfer with the police in any way than you should not complain about getting shot or handcuffed . I will fully back the police in any way I can

  8. We need to quit trying these shootings in the media and wait for what really happened and what the city or state is going to do.

    Every person that was caught on video should be arrested and put in jail for all the damage and looting that was caused. The taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for this. If the leaders don’t control it then maybe they should fork over money to all the business that were damaged and take it out of their pocket not ours.

  9. Burn, Loot & Murder at it again. and a city official talks about do process which is guaranteed in rule of law is fired for saying that. Than reckless vigilante government needs to be replaced. PS Stay the hell out of Portland and the state of Minnesota!!

  10. It all comes down to the same thing for all the criminals who are shot, do what the hell the officer says and don’t fight back! The officer pulled her gun by mistake instead of her taser, but wouldn’t have if the man had complied! These officers have to make split second decisions, DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU! What is so freaking hard? As for the rioters….start making them pay for their actions! Fines and prison time, no more slaps on the wrist!

  11. I think most of us will agree that this was a tragic tragic accident. The police officer yelled taser taser and then fired her service weapon it wasn’t intentional but the rioting and looting and stealing and burning down businesses and lawlessness is totally totally uncalled for. To these people who break the law and when get they get caught need to understand that their life is at risk if they don’t obey the law if they say stay in your car you should stay in your car if they say hands up you should put your hands up. I think the looters should be held responsible for everything that has happened all the violence burning the looting every one of them should spend time in jail because their doing this without having any of the facts. this police officer did not intend to shoot this black man.

  12. Ah, you UnAmerican Digest racists score again. I know, I know, its OK to shoot blacks if its just a mistake. WOW, your grotesque philosophy seems inbred – or is it just stupidity?

  13. Censored again, for telling the truth. Don’t I remember something about freedom of speech? You know, in the Consti- something or other? Well, I’m getting old, maybe I imagined it. Never mind.

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