Violent weekend in the nation’s capital, 11 people shot, including a child

As Democrats push for Washington, D.C. to become a new state, it might interest them to start with a more modest goal: making America’s capital a safe place to live.

At least 11 people were shot, including a 7-year-old girl and two men who died, and one person was stabbed to death in the capital district this past weekend, The Washington Post reported.

Three people killed

The 7-year old victim, Reagan Grimes, was shot outside an apartment complex Saturday where her family was visiting relatives. The girl is expected to recover.

The three homicides all took place on Sunday. Twenty-year-old Delano Harris, of Northeast Washington, was killed Sunday evening in the Edgewood neighborhood. Police say that Paul Tyrone Dorn was fatally shot “in self-defense” the same night.

A 46-year-old man from Southeast Washington, Louis Cheeves, was fatally stabbed near Boone Elementary School as well Sunday night.

There have been 66 homicides in Washington this year, as of Monday, marking a 38% year-over-year jump. Last year, as cities all across America saw a spike in murders and violent crime, Washington’s murder rate climbed to 16-year highs.

Washington braces for summer spike

Even as Washington faces record violent crime, the city is bracing for a more routine spike that usually comes with the summer heat. The city will flood six neighborhoods with more police in a preemptive effort to quash the increase — Potomac Gardens, Carver-Langston, Fort Dupont, Marshall Heights-Benning Ridge, Washington Highlands, and Douglas/Shipley — as part of an annual crime prevention effort.

Washington was recently the scene of the horrific murder of an Uber driver, in broad daylight, by two teenage girls who hijacked his car. And it’s not even June.

“We know unfortunately that summer sometimes brings more outdoor activity, more conflict, and unfortunately we brace ourselves and prepare ourselves for the possibility of more crime,” Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, said Monday.

City begs for cooperation

But city officials, who voted to defund police last year, are leaving criminals with little to fear.

Police Chief Robert Contee said that the violence “really ticks me off, to be quite frank with you” and begged residents to cooperate with anti-crime efforts.

This comes after a 7-year old girl was tragically shot dead in Chicago, a city that has suffered routine gun violence despite having strict gun laws, much like Washington.

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16 Responses

  1. If Washington DC is not a “State”, are the People of the Capitol considered immigrants and why are we interfering in another Country’s affair’s/concerns? Liberals don’t do that, right?
    Sure sounds like it with all the Lawlessness.
    Maybe we can get Biden to extradite them to face Law and Order in the real USA.
    Or, send in Supreme above the Law Maxine Waters to clean up, just like she does in California. This will not get posted.

    1. Dose anyone think anything different would happen in a democrat run area? If you value life leave.

  2. Nothing says freedom like murder in the capital on a Saturday night . When the world looks at the UUSA (Un-united States of America) they need to understand that it is the Democrats and Democrat run cities that are dividing America. It is their lack of leadership and their liberal policies that are destroying our great nation.

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      1. Guess the dems.are happy, they get excited when this happens, they don’t think about the people like us. We are the people that pay for this , they have security, for us they want to defund police. Amazing, they do not have to worry. They need to give theirs up and see how they handle it.

  4. you burn your butt with your radiculous woke theories and commie marxists ideas in the hope to take over the country but i predict you all will be dead by your own hands…………now go defund moe police will you. you are idiots that need to be 302. here is an inocent child mained for life by your hands. may god cut them off. curses o all of you lefties.

  5. Hey Mayor, Good thing you banned standing and dancing at Weddings. There would have been more targets this weekend that might have gotten shot. I guess your policy is working. Well, except for those unfortunate people that did get shot and the seven yr old. May GOD heal them that were injured. Have mercy on those killed.
    Maybe you should devote more time on getting criminals off the street and less time about nonsense such as Weddings. I would think drugs, criminals, and protecting the people of your city would have more priority. But then again, I am not the person in charge. You are. Maybe that should change!

  6. A dem mayor. That answers ot all right there. I say you make your bed you sleep in it. Where these problems have all been lead/manipulated/payed for/directed by the super rich, all to benifit these super rich. All to multiply these super riches power. All treasonous, illegal, unethical, and generally a hangable offense.

  7. Well, for sure it’s not the guns running around shooting people. Although some may want you to think that.

    It is, however, the people. You get what you attract. And when you tie the hands of your law enforcement officers by defunding them, restricting them and what not, the bad elements of the city will float to the top. The ONLY thing that restrains the bad elements of the cities is its police force. Damage that, and this is what you get. Anyone surprised? I’m not!

  8. D.C. may have changed over the years, but it doesn’t seem like it has. I lived in Virginia just across the river from D.C. in the mid 1970s. Once you get away from the part that everyone considers D.C., it is not a nice town (except for some areas where rich folks live). Long time locals suggested places I should avoid and I did. I’m not surprised about crime in D.C. It’s really no different than any other large city in America.

  9. I’m not surprised about crime in D.C., it’s where the politicians are. You know the 1.3 trillion SloJoe wants to spend? That’s not his, it belongs to us, or at least it did until El Stupido raised all the taxes on us. All by himself, nobody else to blame. SloJoe thinks we shouldn’t get due process over illegal gun confiscation. Let’s not give him due process over stealing an election. It’s only fair. Read our founding document, it says We The People are the government, not some two bit shyster who doesn’t know where he is half the time, but managed to get filthy rich on a Congressional salary, at the same time his family got rich from the same source. And they didn’t even have to go to work. Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.

  10. Another Democrat FAILURE, just about everywhere they govern DEASTER!!! Trouble is they don’t even attempt to do anything about all these shootings & killings!! Is this really what you want running your home towns!!!

  11. DC Mayor is like Chicago. Losing voters every week. Keep defunding the Pilice and you will have less votes every week. Why do you people keep voting for these loser Mayors????

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