Virginia releases hundreds of emails from concerned parents in legal settlement

Thanks to Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R), we now know the extent of the seriousness of hundreds of emails containing parents’ complaints that were sent to a tip line set up by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) following his win earlier this year, the Washington Examiner reports.

Reportedly the “divisive concepts” hotline received roughly 350 emails from Virginia parents concerning what their children were being taught in the classroom.

Youngkin stunned the nation by defeating Terry McAuliffe, largely running on a ticket that focused on the concerned parents across the state.

The 350 emails were revealed as part of a legal settlement between the state AG’s office and various media outlets.

What were the emails?

The content of the released emails contained, as the Examiner noted, a “wide range of allegations” from Virginia parents.

The outlet added:

A significant portion of the tips was sent by an advocate for students with disabilities who repeatedly complained that school districts were not offering sufficient accommodations in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


“We are pleased that the attorney general’s settlement with the representatives of several media outlets preserves the principle that a constituent’s communication with a Governor is protected under the law and exempt from FOIA,” a spokesperson for the governor said.

They added: “The Governor wants constituents to be able to reach out to him without fear that their communications will not be kept confidential.”

Reportedly, the tip line has since been shut down.

The controversy

Even with the release of the emails, a number of Youngkin’s liberal critics alleged in the wake of the ruling that the emails released were “selective,” and didn’t prove that Virginia parents have actually complained about Critical Race Theory teachings or related progressive curriculum.