Voter ‘suppression’ narrative destroyed in Georgia, MLB remains silent

Major League Baseball entered a state of peak “wokeness” when the league pulled its All-Star game out of Atlanta, Georgia in the wake of the state passing new voter integrity laws that Democrats falsely claimed were meant to “suppress” the minority vote.

As usual, the radical left was exposed once again for its propaganda and lies after this year’s primary election season in the Peach State, as PJ Media reported that there have been significant increases in the Black vote in Georgia — a far cry from being “suppressed” as Democrats claimed. 

Not surprisingly, the MLB, which continues to stay in “woke” progressive mode as its ratings continue to tank, hasn’t chimed in on the numbers, as it would obviously embarrass the league to admit it was so incredibly wrong.

Nor has the White House or President Joe Biden, who suggested that Georgia’s new voting laws would be like “Jim Crow on steroids,” offered a correction or apology for spreading falsehoods about the new laws.

Great numbers

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office released preliminary numbers for this year’s primary elections, and the numbers of early Black voters were off the charts.

“According to figures released by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, as of yesterday, May 18,  102,056 more black voters have cast early votes in this year’s primary elections than in 2018 — this is more than three times the number of blacks casting early votes in 2018,” Jim Geraghty at National Review noted.

That number is three times the number of early Black votes than in the 2018 primary election.

So much for “Jim Crow 2.0,” “Jim Eagle,” “Jim Crow on steroids,” and every other asinine attempt by President Biden to make every single issue about race.

In addition, as the new voter laws were meant to increase security for future elections, it appears as if those mechanisms are already working, as Axios reported that “in 2021 municipal elections saw increased rates of absentee ballot rejections under the new law.”

Real suppression

Ironically, the only suppression that actually took place in Georgia was that of Black-owned businesses affected by the MLB pulling its All-Star Game out of the state, leaving many vendors high and dry, and still struggling to recoup losses two years later, as Outkick explained.

“That decision not only affected fans around the country who had made travel arrangements to attend the All-Star Game, but it devastated the local Atlanta community, which had looked forward to the hefty bump in commerce that the event inevitably brings,” the outlet previously reported.

Perhaps the left will learn its lesson about going woke after they’re destroyed in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

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