VP Harris criticized for visiting South Korea’s border while ignoring US border

A gaffe by Vice President Kamala Harris raised eyebrows late last month during a visit to South Korea’s border when she erroneously spoke of America having an alliance with communist North Korea.

Yet, as Fox News reported last Friday, many at home complain that she should focus more on securing her own country’s southern border. 

Ranchers react

One of those critics is Richard Guerra, a Texas rancher who says that his property has come under siege by illegal migrants.

I’m one of several ranchers here, the property owners, that have been affected by the migration,” Guerra told the network. “Basically, the first thing that’s damaged is your fences because they’re trying to access your property.”

Guerra had strong words for Harris, who President Joe Biden tasked last year with addressing the illegal migration crisis.

“Instead of coming here, she goes to South Korea to watch that border,” Guerra insisted, adding, “What’s that got to do with us?”

Guerra was also unimpressed by a trip that Harris made to his state’s capital earlier this month for a Democratic fundraiser, saying that “Austin is not the border” and calling on the vice president to “come down” the Rio Grande region and “spend some time with us ranchers, farmers or local people that are suffering.”

“Wake up. Do your job,” he continued. “Get down here and be the person that you’re supposed to be as a [border] czar. Either come down or get out of Dodge.”

Harris mocked for saying border is “secure”

Harris was widely mocked for claiming during a September interview with NBC host Chuck Todd that the southern border is “secure.”

In addition to criticizing Harris, Guerra made clear that he doesn’t believe President Joe Biden is taking things seriously either, saying, “He doesn’t seem to accept the fact that we’ve got a problem.”

“It’s a big problem, and it’s not just for us ranchers here along the river,” Guerra stressed. “It’s a problem for the whole country.”