VP Harris praises Dem AGs for going after crisis pregnancy centers, ignores protester violence and threats

In a completely predictable move, Vice President Kamala Harris applauded Democrat state attorneys general in a speech on Thursday for “taking on” crisis pregnancy centers in their states while ignoring violence and threats toward the centers by protesters.

During her address to the Democrat Attorneys General Association Conference on Thursday, she said that she had met with many of the AGs and “discussed the innovative strategies” they have used “to defend women’s reproductive freedom.”

Harris said:

You are taking on, rightly, the crisis pregnancy centers; launching public education campaigns because — I don’t think I have it here, but I’ll show you all a map of the United States right now, in terms of the patchwork of different laws in different states on this issue and the confusion it is creating and the need, then, for some of the most trusted elected officials to clarify the state of the law and, in the midst of the vast amount of confusion, the need of you as the truthtellers to sort out fiction from fact and combat misinformation and disinformation, which we all know often creates a situation that is ripe for predatory practices.

“Predatory practices”?

The “predatory practices” Harris is referring to are free ultrasounds and examinations that let women listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat, along with accurate information about the risks of having an abortion.

Some centers also offer parenting classes, baby supplies like clothing, furniture and diapers, and post-abortion counseling for women who are struggling with a previous decision to have an abortion.

Democrats have attacked these centers as “fake clinics” and said they are providing “misinformation” to women seeking abortions.

The lies about abortion

What is actually predatory, though, is withholding accurate information from pregnant women and pressuring them to end the life of their unborn child under the guise of “freedom” and “empowerment.”

The pro-abortion movement doesn’t follow the science about pregnancy and unborn life, they obscure it by calling a fetus a “clump of cells.” Furthermore, they lie to women about the risks of abortion and its physical and psychological aftereffects on women, which include a higher risk for depression and substance abuse after the abortion and possible future infertility.

Whether abortion providers and their supporters like Harris think they are “empowering women” to control their own lives or they just want to make a buck on the procedure, they aren’t being honest with women, many of whom come to regret their abortions when it is too late to do anything about them.

Too late, they realize that unborn life is human life, and that their decision to end that life has long-lasting consequences. Some will have to come to terms that their future fertility is now threatened by their previous decision.

What Kamala Harris and women like her will never realize is that their idea of “female empowerment” comes with a heavy price, and that what really empowers women is to be given all the information they need about what abortion is and what it does to women before they make this permanently life-altering decision.

Anything less is nothing short of monstrous.