‘Why didn’t Mr. Trump do more?’: Chris Wallace tries to exonerate Fauci, blame Trump for COVID

Since the early days of the coronavirus, the media narrative on who to blame has been clear: the pandemic’s devastation is entirely the fault of Donald Trump, who allegedly ignored early warnings, muzzled scientists, and erroneously blamed China in a desperate attempt to distract from his failures.

It’s now clear that the shoe was on the other foot. As Trump accused China of hiding the virus’ origins in a Wuhan lab, Dr. Anthony Fauci was helping others in the scientific community in a cover-up. It’s a tremendous black mark, but not everyone is fazed. That includes anti-Trump Fox anchor Chris Wallace. In a contentious interview with Trump ally Cory Lewandowski, Wallace went out of his way to exonerate Fauci of what many say should be a career-ending scandal, Breitbart reported.

Wallace tries to exonerate Fauci

If Trump was “so concerned about the Wuhan lab,” Wallace asked, “why didn’t Mr. Trump do more to investigate it?”

“Come on, Corey. Corey, Corey, wait a minute, you’re telling me that the president —  they’re going to blame the president’s inaction on Dr. Fauci?” he continued, according to Breitbart.

Even granting that Trump might have done more, it is disingenuous for Wallace to point the finger at Trump — who the media pilloried for daring to suggest that the virus came from a lab — and ignore how Trump’s efforts to uncover COVID’s origins were hampered from inside by Fauci and others.

As Lewandowski noted, Trump’s secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, did investigate the Wuhan lab. But Fauci and the media worked to dismiss the lab theory as a “conspiracy” for their own selfish reasons, ultimately helping China cover up its culpability in a global catastrophe. Exhibit A is Fauci’s own emails.

Wallace insists they contain no “smoking gun.” Far from it, they reveal back-scratching between Fauci and others implicated by a potential lab leak, such as Peter Daszak.

Wallace ignores massive scandal

A recent piece in Vanity Fair makes clear that Fauci’s fears were widespread, as State Department investigators were told not to “open a can of worms” by drawing attention to America’s role in funding dangerous “gain of function” research in Wuhan.

When Lewandowski mentioned Fauci’s connection to this research, Wallace attacked Trump again before changing topics. “We could go on on this and the fact that the president refused to wear a mask in public for over three months after the CDC recommended it, but let me move on to another subject,” he said.

Rather than ask why Fauci, the media, and others within the U.S. government and scientific community were so hostile to investigating COVID’s origins, Wallace is curiously fixated on blaming Trump instead.

In the worst case, one could fault Trump for being outgunned and outwitted by the Washington bureaucracy. One could very well ask why he didn’t fire Dr. Fauci, as he threatened to do.

What one cannot do is implicate him in a cover-up. Trump was asking the right questions all along, and it’s the “experts” who were hiding the truth.

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