Fox’s Chris Wallace says Biden’s address to Congress will be ‘popular’ with Americans

Fox News host Chris Wallace hasn’t exactly found himself on the good side of most conservatives, particularly after his disastrous and seemingly biased performance at once of last year’s presidential debates between Donald Trump and then-White House hopeful Joe Biden.

Now, Wallace is again betraying whatever Trump-supporting fans he may have had left by heaping praise on President Biden over his first address to a joint session of Congress.

“You know, I think this is going to be a popular speech with the American public,” Wallace said after Biden’s talk on Wednesday, according to The Hill.

“[Biden] offered a lot of stuff,” the Fox host added. “$4 trillion will buy a lot of stuff, from millions of jobs to child care to community health centers, all kinds of stuff, community colleges.”

Wallace lauds Biden

Explaining the likely rationale behind Biden’s embrace of massive new spending goals, Wallace also said he thinks the White House has “made a calculation that after COVID-19, people have come to have a different feeling about government.”

“They now feel more trusting and more the need of government and so where this might have turned a lot of people off, and probably still will, they believe the majority of people are going to say, the government is here, and they’re here to help you,” Wallace said, as The Hill reported.

“And the other thing that’s pretty popular is he said, ‘You’re not going to have to pay for it,’” Wallace remarked.

“’Big corporations are going to pay for it. People making more than $400,000 are going to pay for it,'” he quoted Biden. “But the vast majority of people watching tonight aren’t, so offering a lot of stuff and saying you aren’t going to have to pay for it is pretty popular.”

“Not going to change…anything”

The Federalist co-founder and publisher Ben Domenech had a far less enthusiastic response to Biden’s address, however — and he took issue with Wallace’s characterization of it.

“He waxed eloquent about how it was so powerful and unifying,” Domenech said, according to The Hill. “I don’t think that turned out to be true at all.”

“It’s not something that led to any kind of bipartisanship and expect the same result from this speech. It’s going to be a political blip, immediately forgotten,” Domenech added. “It’s not going to change the course of anything in Washington.”

The suggestion that Biden’s remarks may have little impact appears to be supported by ratings data. Fox News reports that far fewer people tuned in to Biden’s speech than typically watched congressional addresses made by former President Donald Trump.

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41 Responses

  1. What a MORON. The only one that he is fooling is himself.
    Hew needs to leave FOX news, and go to MSNBC or CNN, and peddle his communist propaganda there. THAT audience (what little there is) will probably believe his lies.

    1. AMEN he should do the same as the other guy did and just drop out of sight for a while then announce he left FOX…..what was his name? He was a liberal POS as well? Oh yeah Leland Vittert. He as liberal as Chris Wallace and ,both should be gone! I am surprised though that more havnt left or been fired as the guy that owns FOX is a “liberal” him self…. I thought when he took over more heads would roll and im not surprised people him Wallace, Viddert, and good old Juan arent made more of a star as the owner is pond scum as well?All i know is the world is laughing at us for allowing an American “Presidentital” election be stolen on the world stage! I will never abide by the policies, laws or executive orders of this Illegitimagte Fed GOv and President or ever submit to it!!! I will die a “free” American in 25yrd+ i hope or tomorrow but ill be Free!!! Molon Labe!! Semper Fortis and may forever and always “only” GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!%

    2. Chris Wallace us putting his Father name in the mud. Chris is so hatted I don’t know why Fix don’t fire him

  2. Wallace you are an idiot nobody wants big government people want to stand on their own. You live in La La Land, with all your cronies and why don’t you just admit it you are a liberal you are a Democrat and get off of Fox news!

    1. I agree that Wallace is not a true American with his stupid comments. I have said before that Wallace needs to go! Remember how he cuddled Biden during the debates? Yes he was terrible they he treated our President Trump!

      1. not only has little chris has a shifty mouth ,his brain is matching his mouth,if you can just look at him it explains it self I have NOT watched this idiot since the debate

        1. Hey Mike, if Wallace liked China Joe’s speech he personably would love Fidel Castro’s last speech. Brain damaged is the only explanation I can surmise. He’s been in the Washington swamp for so long, he lost all touch with real Americans and reality.

    2. AMEN and GOD BLESS!!! I have worked all my life for what i have an i am proud of what i am today at 56yrs old! I grew up in a medium yet infamous city in New Jersey called Camden! LOL what fun it was as a white boy in the hood!NOT! I have seen things befor ever going into the service of our country that i never want to see again other then the news in other countries! Yet with the left stealing an election while everyone (Patriots/American citizens) watched, we are closer to total chaos then ever! As our Fed Gov. (Liberal TRAITORS) impliment the brain washing of our military into the doctrine of racially equality(White=bad/Black=oppressed) as they call for reparations and or a free handout! Now as they are re-calling our battle hardened military from over seas for population control and oppression of its Patriots as they take over control of everything in our country over the next 4yrs! It wont matter who runs against the left in the future as they got away with stealing three elections this past cycle!!! I am selling my home in the bluest state in the country and fleeing to a red state that wont have a chance at turning purple while im still alive! I pray i never have to pick up an M4 again in aggression or to protect myself but if i have to i will fight harder then ever to protect my family as well as what is mine! I WILL NEVER SUBMIT! May for ever and “only” GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    3. Amen!!!!!! (Didn’t even watch Biden – just saw clips. He’s so monotone, he’d put anybody to sleep; & those two behind him are “trash” from the “get go”!!!! Chris Wallace isn’t much better!!!!!! Another traitor to our country!!!!)

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  4. Fox needs to fire Chris Wallace sick of him trying to cover his true feelings he is a true Democrat and a true hypocrite don’t know if he’s just stupid ignorant or both needs to be sent packing maybe he should go to work for CNN

  5. Chrissy, you are getting as demented as old Joey. You should both head for the sani bin. Fast! Joe is saying what his puppeteers programmed him to say and your strings are being pulled by the same leftists. It is really a shame we have NO news on TV that is worth watching any longer. But it affords us to get outside and get some fresh air and listen to Newsmax or Epoch.

    1. Hey Bob S., I have also done the same.
      Biden is lost and God {better] Bless America.
      Biden tells all that he’s Catholic yet he supports late stage abortion and its funding in the USA and overseas. His marriage is an adultry, and just check out the facts as he destroyed a marriage. He claims that they met on a blind date but she worked for him. His entire life is bogus & he’s proven fraud.
      Not only should he (and Pelosi)) be denied the Eucharist but they should both be ex-communicated. They are a disgrace to the Catholic faith and the BIshop’s should take some action soonest.

  6. Agree 100% that C. Wallace is a faker, selfish with zero humility.
    He gave no thanks to anyone after his 25 years at FOX.
    Agree that he should move to CNBC or CNN and exit FOX soonest.
    I can’t even stand to watch him on TV and turn the channel.

  7. Sounds like Chris needs to get out of his bubble more often. It’s killing any brain cells he has left

  8. Wonder if wallace had to stand on a stool to be able to kiss the lower regions of bidens body. Left foxnews years ago when it starting going liberal and now watch Newsmax.

  9. After Mr. Wallace’s one sided approach at being moderator of one of the Trump/Biden debates, I had hoped he would be censured by FOX. It was so obvious there was no way he could be an impartial moderator. He’s a Democrat! So much for impartiality in the news media!Elaine

    1. I don’t need FOX to censure him for me, Elaine — I have the capability to do that all on my own! Can you spell M-U-T-E??? 🙂

  10. I believe Chris Wallace has proven his true colors over the past year. How Fox can keep him is beyond me. I guess Fox wants to go the way of CNN and CNBC. Wallace is no news person (just a Pelosi, Schumer, Thief In Charge backer) who as with many of today’s “NEWS PEOPLE” should be put on a slow boat to China where they would fit in much better.

    1. they would make a cute 3some, there might be room for Shep,more room needed for Ellen degenerate and a few other ankle biters at abc cbs msnbc nbc

  11. I agree with all of you. So, why doesn’t Fox fire him? He’s as bad as the folks at CNN and the other fake news channels. What he did to President Trump was evil, rotten, a disgrace. Despite Trump’s popularity and success as president, Wallace was determined to put him down. Please, Fox bosses. Stop whatever game are you playing with the likes of Juan Williams & Chris Wallace? I’ve stopped listening to your daytime news. Yet I love your three evening commentators. I like Guttfield’s group, too, with the exception of Williams. Can him! And Wallace!

  12. Hey Wallace, you took the dumb vaccine instead of the covid vaccine. So your anti American and pro communism. Just can’t fix stupid.

  13. As i Have said SO MANY times. Chris it so great to have had a father named MIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I turned FOX off the night after the election; they have not been on any TV that I own since that day. This latest blunder by MR. Liberal confirms my decision.

  15. I turned FOX off the night after the election. It has not been back on and will not as long as MR. Liberal, et al continue to whine their convictions on live TV and expect us to appreciate it as being the NEWS!

  16. Who does he think is going to pay for it. He gets more ignorant every time he speaks

  17. Yea Chris—Bidens speech will be popular the same day TURD Burgers go on sale at Burger King. Little devils will go Ice skating and people will again think YOU have Honor and respectability!! NOT going to happen PINHEAD!! WHY don’t you just quit FOX and BE the Damned DemocRAT that you ARE!! Just QUIT saying you are for the common people which is a damned LIE!! Go on and clean your lips of the Biden poop that you developed a NEED for for years. GET THIS Chris–Your dad ought to be real proud of the Piece of SH** you have become!! This is how popular YOU and Biden are!! People ONCE thought you had honor but ITS GONE forever!!

  18. His time is up and he has nothing to lose by further insulting Conservative Americans. It has been obvious for a long time that he did not fit in at Fox. He should get a job at MSNBC where he will be among like-minded friends.

  19. Wallace just proved that he is a member of the MORON MEDIA. No one wants to hear Pedo Joe’s LIES. That includes Democraps.

  20. His father was a communist and so is he. Only in his dreams!!! Most Americans hate democrats. That’s why we know the election was rigged. Chris Wallace , as they say you can’t fix stupid. Should be printed on your forehead. I can’t stop laughing ,who believe this? He really belongs with Biden , both brain dead and totally useless.

  21. 2nd try: I will try not to use that nasty word that begins with a “s” and ends with a “t”. But the millions that loved Joe’s speech are the millions that are depending on his monthly handout. They love Joe and his sol…..tic ways.

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