Chris Wallace says he is surprised anyone is ‘rallying’ around Mike Flynn

It is no secret that Fox News host Chris Wallace is no fan of Donald Trump — and that antipathy often extends to the president’s associates.

This was proven once again on Friday when Wallace made it clear that — damning revelations of a deliberate set-up to the contrary — he was siding with the corrupt former leaders of the FBI against former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, The Hill‘s Joe Concha reported.

Exoneration imminent?

Flynn, who was named Trump’s national security adviser during the transition period in late 2016, was fired in February 2017 after allegedly lying to Vice President Mike Pence about a phone call with the Russian ambassador in December. He was later prosecuted for also allegedly lying to the FBI, a crime to which he pleaded guilty, according to NPR.

However, recently disclosed documents strongly suggest that Flynn never actually lied to the FBI and did nothing wrong, but instead had been purposefully targeted by top officials and agents with an explicit goal “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.” As for his guilty plea, it has since been strongly implied that he only pleaded such after members of his family were threatened with investigation and prosecution for unrelated matters.

Given those revelations, President Trump — who has in the past hinted that he would pardon Flynn — has said that Flynn is now on the verge of being “essentially exonerated” and may not even need to be pardoned and even seemed open to the idea of hiring him back to serve in some unspecified position within the administration again, according to CNBC.

Wallace takes sides

None of those details mattered to Wallace, though, as he said of the Flynn case on Fox on Friday, “Did the FBI play hardball? Yeah. Guess what? The FBI plays hardball. And guess what? If you are talking to the FBI — and a lot of lawyers would say don’t talk to them unless you have to — don’t lie.”

“I was kind of surprised that the president said yesterday, ‘Well, maybe I’ll bring him back to the White House,'” the Fox host continued. “It was the president, before any legal case was brought, who fired Flynn because Flynn had lied about his conversation with the Russian ambassador to the vice president, Mike Pence.”

Wallace recalled that “Pence came on Fox News Sunday just before the inauguration in January of [2017] and said there was no discussion of that. And it turns out he was basing that on what Flynn had told him and that Flynn had lied to him.”

“So I’m not quite sure I understand why people are all rallying to Flynn’s case,” he added.

Undeniable targeting of Flynn

Wallace, blinded by his abject hatred of President Trump, may not be able to see it, but it has become incredibly obvious to many others that Flynn was deliberately targeted in a perjury trap by the FBI to, one way or another, achieve his ouster from the new administration in 2017.

For what exact reasons Flynn was set up have yet to be made completely clear, but the targeting itself is virtually undeniable — except to those who refuse to acknowledge it.

Hopefully, Flynn is soon completely exonerated, as Trump has predicted, and it would be amazing to see him return to service in the administration at some point in the future, if only so everyone can see Wallace and his fellow Trump-hating comrades squirm with discomfort and rage.

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