WaPo accuses Dallas Cowboys owner of being part of football “confederacy”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was recently the subject of a Washington Post article that detractors are calling a “hit piece.”  

Jones was accused of being part of “a confederacy”

Ostensibly about the fact that Jones has yet to hire an African American head coach, it featured a 65-year-old image of Jones at a racial confrontation in North Little Rock, Arkansas. What’s more, the article went on to allege that Jones belongs to “a confederacy of pro football plutocrats.”

The Post article stated that the photo shows a mob of young white men who were harassing black students in 1957 at the newly integrated Little Rock Central High.

“In a photograph taken at the scene, Jones could be seen standing a few yards from where the six Black students were being jostled and repelled with snarling racial slurs by ringleaders of the mob,” it read.

“At one point, a Black student named Richard Lindsey recalled, someone in the crowd put a hand on the back of his neck,” it continued, adding, “A voice behind him said, ‘I want to see how a… [N-word] feels.'”

However, RedState pointed out that there is no evidence that Jones grabbed Lindsey or used racial slurs before adding, “But in the Post’s world, a 14-year-old boy should have shut down the mob and put those racists in their places.”

For his part, Jones later told reporters he didn’t have “any idea, frankly, what was going to take place” and that he went to the scene out of “curiosity.”

ESPN host says Jones “doesn’t deserve what just happened”

Meanwhile, ESPN host Stephen A Smith complained that he was “p—ed off” by the Post’s article and complained that it was “pretty low.”

“I’m very, very fond of Jerry Jones, and I’m not hiding that from anybody,” Smith said. “He doesn’t deserve what just happened. He doesn’t deserve it.”