Amid COVID vaccine arguments, WaPo editor goes after Gorsuch for not wearing mask

Many Americans were horrified on Friday when the Supreme Court’s liberal justices made a number of wildly inaccurate claims about the coronavirus.

But one Washington Post editor was far more interested in hectoring Neil Gorsuch for the cardinal sin of not wearing a mask during arguments on vaccine mandates, The Daily Wire reports. 

Ruth Marcus, deputy editorial page editor at the Jeff Bezos-owned liberal rag, dedicated an entire column to excoriating the conservative justice.

Like the rest of the court’s justices, Gorsuch is triple vaccinated. However, as many COVID Karens on the left have been loath to learn recently, the vaccine has failed dramatically at stopping infection, despite promises from public health bureaucrats, as ABC previously reported.

Sanctimonious op-ed

Many on the left have responded to this turn of events by doubling down on COVID-19 theater and blaming those refusing to participate any longer for “not doing the right thing.”

In her sanctimonious op-ed, Marcus writes that Gorsuch’s refusal to wear a mask goes to the “heart of our fraying social fabric” by highlighting how conservatives are supposedly indifferent to others. She dismisses the demoralizing and destructive effects of almost two years of restrictions, mandates, and forced masking as “minor inconveniences.”

“The pandemic has brought out the best in some of us, but the worst — the most selfish and irresponsible — in too many others,” she wrote. “No one is the boss of Justice Gorsuch. Like his colleagues, he had a choice about whether to wear a mask. Unlike them, he chose poorly.”

An “inconvenience?”

With unintentional irony, Marcus writes that if masks were mere “theater, without evidence of effectiveness, the bristling noncompliance might be understandable.”

“Bristling noncompliance” in the face of arbitrary, unreasonable government is the American way. Indeed, it’s hard to see how America will get back to normal without giving offense to miserable busybodies who have made avoiding COVID-19 their personal religion.

Their ranks include Justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor, who were widely mocked for defending vaccine mandates with wildly inaccurate, neurotic statements about the virus.

Sotomayor made the outlandish claim that “100,000 children” were hospitalized, while Kagan wrongly claimed that the vaccines prevent transmission.

It is not an “inconvenience” to demand that Americans participate in silly humiliation rituals indefinitely to satisfy deranged ideologues who don’t have a basic grasp of the facts. It’s tyrannical and crazy.

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