American warship fires warning shots at approaching Iranian speedboats in Strait of Hormuz

With new leadership in the White House, America’s foreign enemies are testing the resolve of the Biden administration to see what will or will not elicit a response.

An instance of this testing occurred Monday when armed Iranian speedboats approached U.S. warships transiting the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf, resulting in two volleys of warning shots to dissuade further engagement, reported.

The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Maui, a patrol boat escorting the guided-missile submarine USS Georgia, fired warning rounds from a machine gun after a pair of armed speedboats, believed to be operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), approached to as close as 150 yards.

Warning shots fired

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Monday, “After following all the appropriate and established procedures involving ships: horn blast, bridge-to-bridge radio transmissions and other ways of communicating, the [U.S.] Coast Guard Cutter Maui … fired approximately 30 warning shots from a .50-caliber machine gun. After the second round of warning shots, the 13 fast-attack craft from the IRGCN broke contact.”

“Harassment by the IRGC Navy is not a new phenomenon,” he continued. “It is something that all our commanding officers and crews of our vessels are trained … for when serving in the Central Command area of responsibility, particularly in and around the Gulf.”

“Our commanding officers and crew of our ships — they have the right of self-defense and they know how to use that right,” Kirby said.

“They have the means at their disposal to defend their ships and their crews and they also, as I think we’ve seen now in this second incident, are very stringent about following the proper procedures for providing warnings: verbally first, and then if need be, through the use of warning shots to try to change or mitigate the Iranian behavior,” he added.

First such incident in four years

That “second incident” Kirby spoke of was most likely one that occurred on April 26, when a U.S. warship fired warning shots at Iranian vessels that had approached a U.S. formation of ships in international waters in the Persian Gulf, according to the Daily Mail.

That incident was reportedly the first one to involve any shooting in the past four years. It also followed another close call in early April when several Iranian boats had approached and crossed directly in front of two Coast Guard patrol boats, though no shots were required to warn those vessels away from the American ships.

Included in the submarine’s escort during the incident Monday was the guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey. Just a day earlier, the cruiser had intercepted an unflagged ship in the northern Arabian Sea loaded with a cache of various arms and weapons that were believed to have been sent by Iran to supply the Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen.

Iran denied any involvement in the Monday incident and accused Kirby of making “false and unrealistic allegations” about what had occurred, The Hill reported.

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22 Responses

    1. Iran is symbolical father of white race Arjans, seems to me warmongers and haters is not America,only those who stay deep down of american government, globalsts are enemy of all races,not only money or their own global agendas, they use USA government like poor head Biden to be their clowns or marjonetes to make hostility against all races, star from illegals to attact Iran(Arjans) or Putin Rusia who is against west NWO

    2. I agree, I worry about my grand son who is in the Coast Guard, just wish he had a commander in chief who was a real American and not some one who doesn’t even know where he is most if the time.

  1. Iran would never had done this if Donald J. Trump was still our President. Joe Biden is a Freaking Idiot! His whole Administration do not know what they are doing!

    1. Amen amen 🙏 amen amen 🙏. President Trump was/IS the most important, respectful and professional and honest and loving and caring and sweet and ALWAYS AMAZING AMERICANS love him

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  3. If Biden I not gotten out of the Presidency and al his administration we will be in ww3 before we know it.
    He is totaly incompetatnt to be President of this great Nation.

  4. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Our Navy should not ever fire warning shots. They should destroy any Iranian vessels who come close to them.

  5. No warning shot! They will get the message real quick. I hope Israel turns Iran into a radio active parking lot soon. These idiots don’t understand anything but brute force.

  6. As a Lt. Col. RET. U.S. Air Forces,
    I would ask the U.S. Navy that are at Strait of Hormuz to call off all warning shot, and start expanding “kill shot” to ALL Iranian Navy.
    They are really pushing it.

  7. We as American citizens are going to be involved, Biden after 7:00 PM is probably napp time this crumb has to be expelled along with the Democratic party, these crumbs have screwed us long enough. I want Joe Biden and kamila Harris along with Pelosi,Schumer and all that crumby bunch.

  8. Biden is totally incompetent to be President. Prepare to have our ships sunk and our boys deployed slaughtered. Old Joe is senile and week.

  9. It’s about time, blow these Islamic Muslim Terrorist supporters out of the water, no respect for America, and your boy Joe wants to send them 500 million to get back into talks with the nuclear program, complete idiot of this great nation. Impeach and go back to your basement

  10. As long as Biden is running the WH, nothing other than the coward hiding in his basement will be done! These are his closest allies and he would not dare refute them.

  11. Why the hell waste bullets with warning shots??!! One shot is enough if they don’t leave blow them out of the water! Beijing Biden must have their hands tied like the great disaster Obama did!! DISGUSTING those commie Democrats who are in bed with the Iran Goons!!!!!!!!

  12. Do you think those Speedboat Dudes were upset over the American seized weapons of theirs.
    Will Joe sell those weapons and feed the Iranian People directly, right after his usual 10%? Maybe throw them some Medical supplies?

  13. We will have several nations testing our resolve now that we have a spineless idiot in the White House. And why did the U.S. ships fire warning shots? Should have sunk the Iranians.

  14. What the hell warning shots? Remember the Cole? They should be blown out of the water. Remember those who forget history are likely to repeat it.
    What the hell is with the captain of this ship?

    When oh when will Americans learn. Look at the Jew hating Muslims the demoncRATs have voted into office. Look at AOC, Mitt, Liz and the other ignorant voters who elected China Joe and camel face. These are the same idiots who march with the terrorists antifa, and blm.

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