Activist group affiliated with Sen. Warnock accused of violating state election law

Incoming U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) helped secure a governing majority in the Senate for his party when he won last month’s runoff election.

The newly minted lawmaker is now facing troubling allegations, however, stemming from claims of misconduct in registering new voters.

“A significant part of that growth”

As the Post Millennial reported, the Georgia State Election Board voted unanimously this week to undertake an investigation of the New Georgia Project, a left-leaning group that Warnock chaired in 2019.

The organization was founded by failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and describes itself as “a non-partisan effort to register and civically engaged Georgians.”

As the group’s website argues: “Over the past decade, the population of Georgia increased 18%. The New American Majority — people of color, those 18 to 29 years of age, and unmarried women — is a significant part of that growth.”

Despite bearing a nonpartisan label, the group actively campaigns on behalf of progressive causes like abortion rights.

“The New American Majority makes up 62% of the voting age population in Georgia, but they are only 53% of registered voters,” the organization maintains.

“We have not received any information”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a report stating that the organization apparently conducted registration activities in defiance of applicable state law.

Those allegations involve the reported delivery of more than 1,200 voter-registration forms in Gwinnett County past the stipulated time frame specified by Georgia’s voting ordinance. Specifically, rules mandate that organizations like the New Georgia Project must submit applications within 10 days of their receipt from voters.

Somewhat ironically, Abrams claimed in December that “Republicans do not know how to win without using voter suppression as one of their tools,” declaring that her activism is aimed at mitigating such tactics.

Warnock, who was serving as chairman of the board at the time, was also apparently incorrectly listed as its CEO in documents filed in 2019.

Its actual CEO, Nse Ufot, issued a statement challenging the veracity of the claims being made against the group, asserting: “The February 10th State Election Board meeting was the first time NGP heard about the allegations regarding NGP’s important voter registration work from 2019. We have not received any information on this matter from the secretary or any other Georgia official so we will have no further comment on the investigation.”

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28 Responses

  1. The crooked democrats should keep their mouths shut, they open it and declare themselves crooked. Then hey wonder why they get caught Besides congress 8s becoming an old home preserve; we need younger good people there, not societal left overs.

    1. We need to get rid of all 100% of the Dems, and RINOS in every State. We also need to start impeachment proceeding against all of them, including the current Administration for the Fraudulent election. The Hi Tech Execs need to be sued for every Nickle, Dime and Penny they have in order to shut their communistic ideas against the American people! George Soros and many others need to have their citizenships removed and sent back to the countries they cam from.

      1. Amen! Add that there should be term limits and no more pensions for life, have same health benefits as their STATE offers their citizens. Also no more voting themselves a raise every couple of years either!

    2. I agree, it’s time to take out the prunes , they don’t care about the people they want control. And that’s when we vote them out . People are making list of all of the ones causing trouble so that they can get rid of them . And I agree. All of them after they did what they did to trump.

  2. Stacey Abrams (D) the candidate that lost then used her sister a GA Judge to make rulings against her opponent in her recount and help her win…. Until she got caught! Note: Neither were prosecuted for some strange reason?

    1. Doesn’t that state have a process for disciplining wayward/corrupt attorneys and judges? Did anybody actually file a complaint? It is filed with the state Supreme court in most states.

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  4. That can’t be right according to Bill Barr our former DOJ mystic who knows all yet does nothing, about the obvious, that every knows occurred. What deep state entanglement pulls his strings, to avoid not seeing thousands election
    fraud instances.

  5. You look at Congress and the Senate and most are Baby Boomers. I am a Baby Boomer and I must say that I am ashamed at my generation. I am a former Marine (1968-1975). Went to Vietnam (1969-1970) for 14 months as a Tunnel Rat. I am sure that most of these Politicians were yelling, PEACE, LOVE AND END THE WAR and throwing eggs at us and calling us BABY KILLERS when we got home. I feel that my generation, in Politics, are the most corrupt in this countries history and for that, I apologize.

    1. We sowed the wind, and are reaping the whirlwind. Thank you for your service. Many in our generation fled to Toronto until James Earl Carter spit in our faces and pardoned these traitors.

    2. You want to know when the attitude started to change towards Vietnam Veterans? In the early 1980s with that first Rambo movie believe it or not. At the end when he was walking away and the Colonel was talking to him asking something but Rambo turned around and said that all he wanted, what all who served in Vietnam wanted was “FOR OUR COUNTRY TOO LOVE US AS MUCH AS WE LOVE IT.”

    1. And that Criminal Stacy Adams MUST be Prosecuted for her Corruption and Voter suppression Crimes.

      America is “ over run” by these Political Criminals. From the TOP down to the bottom. People, it’s time to “ FLUSH the Toilet; Drain the Swamp; or whatever you want to call it!!

      Enough of the Political Corruptions by the Lestists!!!!!!

  6. Its simple folks, whatever the Democrats are accusing people of Is exactly what they themselves are doing. Whenever they make a big issue of something, watch out, its just a distraction for something worse that’s about to come out. I’ve Been observing the insane america hating democrats since Hillary discovered she could rule the world with the “health care” system and pharmaceutical companies when she was president back in the 1990s. They are sick with envy greed and power, Americans need to wake up and get rid of them before we’re totally wrecked. And it won’t be long with pervert dictator Joe.

  7. Agree with all above posts! Abrams is STILL howling like a banshee because she got caught and lost! So now these groups she is forming to “ register voters” is anything but!

  8. All of this impeachment crap was nothing but a smoke screen to hide the corrupted election results. I don’t understand why our law obiding law enforcement officials and judges keep turning a blind eye to the truth.

  9. Stacy Abrams is one of the biggest liers and law braker’s in Georgia. She should be jailed for all the crimes she has don’t illegally as far as voting.

  10. Get ready for more tactics by the dictators they won’t be satisfied until trump has been convicted of something so he can’t run for election. The Democratic Judge that was disbarred and imprisoned and ran for Senate and won is DIFFERENT because he is a Democrat and they make their own rules including ignoring the Constitution and throwing God out of Congress!!!! Statements such is this is why Facebook repeatedly censors my free speech that is the truth and not a lie like what was used against our President Trump.

  11. Democrats can’t win without cheating and they BRAG about it. They intimidate everyone whose NOT on their mindset. They are absolutely UN-American and all should be put in prison.

  12. If they broke the law, then go after them and arrest them, prosecute them, fine them, and/or jail them. But just clamoring about the fact that the law was broken and doing nothing about it, makes you just as guilty. If you’re not going to do anything about it, then why have the law?

  13. I agree with everything above. Also, notice there’s no libs in here saying a word? Hmm. I guess they can’t lie out of their way on this one.

  14. It’s time to use our right choice in voting Americans, illegals r priority of the Power of Biden in 4 yrs. this Hispanic r legalize they become citizens & hello him win.

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