Washington Post compares denying election results to denying the Holocaust

The Washington Post published an article on Wednesday comparing President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the 2020 presidential election results to denying that the Holocaust ever took place, Breitbart reported.

Authors Deborah E. Lipstadt and Norman Eisen compared denying the Holocaust and denying the 2020 presidential election results by claiming that both threaten democracy.

Lipstadt and Eisen said they “watched with alarm the birth of another powerful disinformation mythology,” which was the “false conviction pushed by Trump and his enablers” that fraud in the recent 2020 election was sufficient to render it “stolen.”

“Call it democracy denial,” they wrote.

No relevance

The Post’s assertion that Trump’s belief that the election was conducted unfairly and that the results are invalid — and his use of legitimate legal recourse to address that possibility — is comparable to the denial of the slaughter of six million Jews is a slap in the face to those who fight anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

The two are not even in the same universe, and should not be compared.

Concerns that the president and many Americans have over mail-in voting and last-minute changes in state election laws are completely reasonable and deserve to be addressed.

The extremely left-leaning Post is simply smearing the president by insinuating that his challenges are as grotesque as Holocaust denial.

Trump says he wants the truth

What Trump and his supporters really want is to find out whether voter fraud took place and to have it investigated thoroughly. They want the truth.

And if there was fraud in the election, they want it to be recognized and made right so that justice can occur and the person the American people elected takes office.

The fact that the editorial board of The Washington Post can’t acknowledge that there could be something to the hundreds of allegations of fraud and statistical anomalies shows its radical bias and unwillingness to even consider an alternate point of view.

Furthermore, the fact that they attempt to obfuscate even the possibility of any fraud because they like the winner renders them obsolete as a source of legitimate media for any American who values truth.

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