Washington Post demotes Harris in list of possible Biden successors

As Joe Biden’s presidency goes up in flames, liberal elites at the nation’s leading newspapers have gone scouting for a capable successor.

Clearly, vice president Kamala Harris isn’t winning them over. In a brutal rebuke, the Washington Post downgraded her to third place in its ranking of 2024 candidates — behind Pete Buttigieg, Fox News reported.

WaPo downgrades Harris

In its previous ranking, the Post rated Harris number one. Biden was not included in the past rankings because of an assumption that he wouldn’t face a primary challenge, the paper’s Aaron Blake explained, but that can no longer be taken for granted as Biden’s political fortunes grow dimmer.

Harris, meanwhile, has “done little to change the perceptions that harmed her 2020 campaign, including on her ability to drive a message,” Blake said.

As vice president, Harris’s frequently incoherent remarks have invited widespread mockery. Voters in her home state of California have rejected her. Her 2020 campaign, it’s worth recalling, flamed out before the primaries began after media buzz failed to generate popular enthusiasm for her candidacy.

Of course, the fact that the list was published at all is an insult to Biden, who is bleeding support despite being less than halfway through his first term. While neither Biden nor Harris are popular anymore, Harris has consistently rated lower than her boss.

The Post ranked Biden first, but for liberals not inclined to back either Biden or Harris, Buttigieg is the most plausible choice, Blake said, arguing that he ran a “good campaign” in 2020.

Buttigieg to the rescue?

In his current role, the Transportation Secretary has overseen a supply chain disaster while addressing “racist highways.” While his actual merits are unclear, Buttigieg speaks in a word salad of cerebral-sounding platitudes that many in the liberal bubble of impressionable midwits find inspiring.

He was the media’s favorite in 2020, before the Democratic party threw its weight behind Biden in a ruthless display of partisan discipline to crush Bernie Sanders. With the help of tech and media censorship, Biden rose to the White House after carrying a handful of states by the narrowest of margins.

Of course, the 2020 election sham was meant to be a one-and-done deal to get rid of Trump. Biden running for a second term was never really in the regime’s plan. His persistently bizarre behavior and the disastrous state of the country, especially the economy, have made Biden’s lack of fitness clear.

But is Pete Buttigieg really the guy to save the day? Biden doesn’t think so, apparently, with the Hill reporting that Biden has talked to Barack Obama about his plans to run in 2024. Biden thinks he is the only candidate with a chance of defeating Trump, a source said.

A recent poll found that Trump would soundly defeat Harris and would also beat Biden by a lesser margin. Crazily enough, it looks like Biden may indeed be the best candidate his party has. Are things really that bad?

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