Maxine Waters says Trump needs to be ‘stopped dead in his tracks’ to avoid civil war

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has made many extreme comments about President Donald Trump, and she isn’t letting up in the final days of his presidency.

In the wake of a Capitol Hill riot that has sparked retaliation against the president, Waters raised eyebrows by insisting that Trump be “stopped dead in his tracks” in order to avert “civil war,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Although Trump is leaving office in less than two weeks, Democrats have been saying that it is too dangerous to let him serve out the rest of his term after a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday.

Dems seek to push Trump out

Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Democrats are moving to impeach Trump a second time, and some have called for Trump to be prosecuted.

As Trump faces accusations of having incited violence, Waters seemed to be doing exactly that as she told SiriusXM host Joe Madison that Trump needs to be “stopped dead in his tracks” to stop a “civil war” from erupting, although she did mention impeachment and removal via the 25th Amendment.

“This president, who has lied his way all the way up, until this insurrection that he has caused, and the fact that we all, many of us believe he is trying to create a civil war, has got to be stopped dead in his tracks, however we can do it,” Waters said.

She continued: “Whether it is Amendment 25, or whether it is a new way by bringing him up before the Congress.”

“He’s got to go”

Waters has made no secret of her feelings about Trump over the years, once encouraging her supporters in 2018 to harass members of his administration wherever they could be found.

Those comments have been making the rounds of social media lately, along with others from Democrats encouraging unrest in the past, amid complaints of hypocrisy in how the left reacted to rioting over the summer.

Waters said in her latest interview that she has been right about Trump all along, and that it’s time for Republicans who have enabled the president’s “insurrection” to face the music.

“We’re at a point in time where these Republicans who have gone along with him for four years and basically have protected him have got to now come to grips with the fact that a president of the United States caused that insurrection with the domestic terrorists to his own country,” Waters said, according to the Washington Examiner. “Now, we’re at the point where something’s got to give, he’s got to go.”

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23 Responses

    1. If anyone or group that would cause a Civil War would be the demo-rats with all they have done and keeps PUSHING IT EVERYONES FACE. Stop, just Stop !!!

  1. And why isn’t this old hag being called out on this? She is inciting violence, death, against the President of the United States…isn’t this a “big deal”? Why aren’t the msm calling her out. If memory serves she was one of the very first ones to incite violence with her speech years ago. Why isn’t she and the rest of her cronies held to the same rules as our President? President Trump did not incite violence, he has always stood against violence, even when all the dems and rino’s were encouraging violence, paying the bail of blm/antifa thugs, yes, that’s Biden and Harris too, that fully supported and egged on the violence all summer long…yeah, the “summer of love”.

  2. President Trump will be “gone” Jan. 29, 2021 only 9 days from now. “Mad” Maxine Waters. You say “he has to go now to keep him from starting a civil war.” If you DemocRats Impeach President Trump “again” just because all of you Hate him and all of you want Revenge because his win in 2016 “put on hold” your plans for a Communist “Take Over” of the USA, you idiots will be the ones who will be starting another Civil War. Trump will leave Office the 20th, and Biden will be sworn in as President. So maybe you Democrats should just “leave well enough alone”.

  3. President Trump is still the president ,Why is maxine Waters allowed to make threats against him .This country is going to pot because the liberals are taking control and anything goes. The jealousy and hatred for President Trump is a cause for most of the problems ,all of those rioters at the capital were not supporters of President Trump if so and they voted he certainly won by a land slide All these other countries are smiling and waiting to pounce on this country and destroy it.

    1. Estella you are right all the other Countries are smiling and said they are HAPPY knowing the demo-rats are puppets and pansies. Just so easy to manipulate.

    2. Estella, you are right also about the jealousy they have toward President Trump…Trump was able to accomplish during his 4 years more than they were ever able to in 8 years. The demorats actually did more harm than good!!

  4. Some Democrats in Congress need to be arrested and forced to leave because theyve been insighting violence ever since Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency nothing was done and it should of been done Iā€™m an Independent and I feel this is wrong and doubled standards if they want the President held responsible for his so called actions the dems should be held accountable for thier actions as well

  5. What good does it do to say anything they are above the law and can do as they please šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ™

  6. The Democrats are ruining our country through our children .People need to go on the website they have infiltrated our schools across the country,with all.crazy California liberal views .Do the research yourself,get their newsletters.encourage others parents to do the same. Stop the steal of our children’s minds by the Democrats and by our government.

  7. China Joe Biden and Knee pad Harris will be taking over for a few minutes just before China starts telling them what to do or else. They will be begging for mercy because Communism does not like weaklings and neither of them can stand against their bosses

  8. Mad Max, how very “unifying” of you. Not. You are, by far, one of the most divisive voices in the public forum.

  9. That racist old biddy needs to shout her nasty mouth . She and her party have been the ones causing all the death and destruction in America! How much money have you lined yours and your family pockets with money from taking bribes all these years. Go find a very large rock and crawl back under it where the old snakes live!!!

  10. I’m getting tired of this old bag of crap. Along with the democrap. Ask her why they are trying to put an ineligible in office for V.P. But their democraps they can do anything. We only have a few republicans with a backbone and stand behind our President and the democraps want to banish them along with the rinos. Keep threatening people with violence from your mobs and it will backfire in your face.

  11. If the dumbocrats led by Nancy pelosi don’t understand that there is more than their way to do things there will be another civil war that they can be proud of.

  12. Max, you got that wrong it is you democrats that need to be stopped in your tracks before a civil war breaks out! Have you ever listened to yourselves your saying word but they are all crazy!!

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