Rep. Waters urges law enforcement in New York, Georgia to ‘go after’ Trump

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has a long history of making outlandish partisan statements.

During a recent CNN appearance, however, she launched into a diatribe that seemed extreme even by her standards, calling on the attorneys general of Georgia and New York to “go after” former President Donald Trump.

“It’s got to be taken back”

Waters told host Jim Acosta on Sunday that it is “a dangerous time for our democracy” because of Trump’s behavior.

Specifically, she claimed that he “has basically led this country to a point where he’s got believers and supporters who think that he is the president and he should be the president.”

The California Democrat went on to speculate that Trump’s supporters “may be organizing again” because they believe “it’s been stolen and it’s got be taken back.”

Waters noted that she found it to be an ominous development when she saw protesters carrying signs questioning the outcome of November’s presidential election.

“As a matter of fact, on my way to the christening of the John Lewis Navy Ship, on that road leading into where the ships are being, you know, made, there were signs, big signs, on the street held by, you know, some of these men who support Trump,” she claimed.

“One way or the other”

One such sign allegedly said that Trump is still the rightful president and “another sign touted the Proud Boys and saying that they were good people and that they had not done anything wrong,” Waters added.

The lawmaker predicted that “they are coming” and “are not going to stop,” noting that Democrats are “trying to get our commission together” to investigate the Jan. 6 riot.

State officials should also play a role in the partisan effort, Waters declared.

“In the final analysis, our attorneys generals, whether they’re in New York or in Georgia, they’ve got to go after him about how he’s cheated, you know, on his taxes, how his family has taken advantage of having a non-profit that they use like it was their own money,” she insisted.

Making her intentions crystal clear, Waters concluded: “One way or the other, we’ve got to stop Trump and his allies. It’s more than undermining our democracy. They’re dangerous and they’re out to do harm.”

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23 Responses

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  2. This unmitigated dingbat is dangerous and needs to be removed from office. She is the one who should be on trial for inciting violence. She is an idiot, and hasn’t got the good sense to keep her flapping mouth shut. Trump has not done one thing to be arrested for. Everything she and other democrats have accused him of are in their own heads!

    1. I agree that Maxine Waters is dangerous and needs to be removed from office. Sure, she has a right to her opinion, but she never lets up. She exacerbated the George Floyd incident to the point where Derek Chauvin was tried and convicted for George Floyd’s murder, and the riots surrounding his death. We need to vote this idiot out of office quickly

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  4. If she wants to go after the Trumps, she also needs to go after the Clintons.
    They are the worse offenders of personal gain from “non profits”.

  5. The only harm is Waters herself. There could be some people who would read this and actually believe what this nut case is saying and think it’s their job to go after people just because their belief is different than Water’s. She is going to get someone hurt bad one of these days just with her mouth, she should be held accountable for the crap she spews out of her mouth. If anyone is trying to start a riot, it’s her.

  6. I think we as Republicans NEED to go after Waters – how does one who primarily has a job for life in the Congress purchase an 8 million home?

    I believe ALL in Congress and their families be audited at the beginning of every year and at the end of every year to find out if they are receiving kickbacks or improper payments and where the money is coming from. We have deserve to know who is representing us. Let’s start with Waters and Pelosi and then continue on with the rest.

    1. Well said CJ! Talk about illegal things going on: They need to go after Hunter and Sleepy Joe. They all know that President Trump won and their days are numbered!

    2. I agree with that. That ugly old bat have been conning her constituents for years. She was broke as joke back in the sixties, then she became rich from lining her pockets and these ignorant people are still on the county payroll, living on food stamps, while she and her equally ugly husband live in a mansion. I have lived in LA area since the sixties , but I am not one of her useful idiots. As a matter of, I can’t stand that old b—h.

  7. She is an unmitigated DINGBAT.
    Brainless, evil, scheming, duplicitous, and an absolute monster.
    I could go on with at least 2 dozen more adjectives and phrases, but I will
    let the readers add their own.

  8. Maxine Waters is looking in the mirror. Everything she accuses Trump of doing is exactly what the Democrats did or are doing. OMG

  9. why do the democrats keep covering up maxine waters humming bird brain with her aligator mouth. she has created more riots than that {blm “burn, loot, and murder group”} Also why don’t the republicans hold her and other corrupt so-called politicians accountable for their actions

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  11. Always remember Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, the lefts bible.
    Blame the other side for what you did.
    Hillary still thinks she won.

  12. She, along with Pelosi, have absolutely lost their minds. Get rid of both! They have absolutely no clue what is happening in OUR USA! Harris should be shown the door also. The more I read regarding these ?people?, the more I’m confident they are unfit of holding any type of office. Get over January 6 th. Many people have come out and said it was nothing like the news reported. Turn off your news channels, they are creating this s**t storm. Wake up America, we are so being played.

  13. She’s pissed too! Jeffrey Epstein island is closed. She’s deeply corrupt. All have Broken their Oaths to Office by putting illegals before American’s. By Law’s they need to be removed. Up Hold the Law’s.

  14. Maxine Waters has ” NO SHINE”. Look into their eyes if you can when you watch them on television, they have NO SHINE! These Nazi Commies have NO LOVE, NO FAITH, NO HOPE, and Definitely NO COMMITTMENT to AMERICANS!
    These Democrats are The Nightmares to Remember. Vote Republican and Live Free. Republicans do not Intimidate to Discriminate, but the Democrats do! Look at how many they have threatened, bullied, complained, falsified truths, and even KILLED & still NO JUSTICE. Look at the Criminals the Democrats let loose to come & Kill Innocent People, because they think this is UNITY???? Think again.

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