Pelosi looks ‘weak,’ ‘scared,’ and ‘tired,’ Fox’s Jesse Watters says

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed the House to pass the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump earlier this month, but she is now sitting on the articles, refusing to pass them along to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the Republican-controlled Senate for an impeachment trial. The unexpected move has earned her sharp criticism from President Donald Trump, but she hasn’t budged yet…

Still, she may regret her decisions. Fox News‘ “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters suggested the whole charade has left Pelosi looking “weak,” “scared,” and “tired.”

Pelosi’s delay isn’t working out

“[Pelosi] wants the impeachment without the acquittal, but she’s not gonna get what she wants because eventually, this strategy is gonna run out of the road,” Watters said.

“The only thing she’s enjoying right now is watching Trump complain,” he continued. “If I were the president, I would stop, I would declare victory, I would say Nancy looks weak, she looks scared, and tired and eventually the articles will get kicked up and he’ll get the acquittal he’s looking for.

Trump goes on the offensive

Over the holiday week, Trump called Pelosi out on Twitter for the poor and worsening condition of her home district in San Francisco, where homelessness has become a huge problem and includes rampant drug abuse and defecation on the public streets.

“I do like how he’s attacking her as from a ‘dirty district,'” Watters said. “I think it’s effective because everybody can see the dirt in that district in San Francisco and it just reinforces the image of her as a hypocritical politician that cares more about the party than the people of the country.”

Strategy backfiring

Later, speaking of the likely strategy that Pelosi would pursue in 2020, Watters said, “I think she has to get this done soon, rather than later. You have the State of the Union coming up, you have primaries. You maybe want to tack on one more big win for her Congress, domestically, before they run for re-election in November.”

He added that Pelosi’s current strategy in withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate was likely an effort, in conjunction with the media, to portray the Republican-controlled Senate as being “unfair” and “rigged” from the start — rather hypocritical in light of how Pelosi’s House Democrats handled the impeachment inquiry in just such a fashion.

“I think she’s also trying to delay to just reinforce the idea that this is a rigged Senate trial,” Watters said. “The longer and longer her and her media partners hammer Mitch and his Senate compatriots as biased and rigged and not doing this in a way that is fair — I think she just squeezes as much juice out of that as she can before she eventually sends the weak articles up.”

Impeachment a losing issue

The true reasoning behind Pelosi’s odd decision to withhold the articles of impeachment may never be revealed.

One thing that is clear, however, is that Pelosi’s gambit doesn’t appear to be working out in her favor. Watters is right in observing that the whole affair is making her look “scared” and “tired” and “weak.”

Impeachment was a losing issue for Democrats from the start, but it is the hand they decided to play — and Pelosi knows it.

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