‘We have to stop this’: Trump insider voices former president’s opposition to sweeping election reform bill

Through one of his closest allies, President Donald Trump has just exposed the truth about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Democrats’ push for sweeping election reforms.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump adviser Jason Miller said Wednesday that the former president is wholly against what he’s described as an effort by Democrats to “rig” future elections with the widespread changes included in H.R. 1, a bill recently passed in the House that would expand voting rights and reform election systems nationwide.

“We have to stop this”

According to the Associated Press, H.R. 1 “touches on virtually every aspect of the electoral process,” including by placing restrictions on gerrymandering, strengthening campaign finance rules, and reforming voter registration systems. Democrats including President Joe Biden have heralded the measure as a way “to repair and strengthen our democracy.”

After passing the House earlier this month in what the AP described as a “near party-line 220–210 vote,” the bill is now headed to the Senate, where Republicans including Trump are hoping it meets its swift demise.

“We have to stop this,” the former president has said of the measure, according to Miller. “We cannot let this go through,” he reportedly added.

“Trying to rig this thing”

The GOP’s concerns largely lie in the sweeping nature of the bill, which they say “would give license to unwanted federal interference in states’ authority to conduct their own elections,” as the AP reports. Republicans reportedly expect that higher voter turnout brought on by the bill, particularly among minority communities, would prove fruitful for Democrats.

“‘The media wants to forget what happened in 2020. I haven’t, and we have a lot of work we have to do.’ He said that,” Miller said of Trump on Wednesday, according to the Washington Examiner. “He said, ‘The media might want to forget what happened in 2020. I haven’t. We’re not going to forget what happened, and we got to stop this bill.'”

“Democrats are trying to rig this thing for election going forward,” Miller added.


Trump’s position on H.R. 1 seems to be shared by former Vice President Mike Pence, who wrote in an op-ed for The Daily Signal earlier this month that while he supports the idea of election reform, he also doesn’t believe it should happen at the federal level.

“Election reform is a national imperative, but under our Constitution, election reform must be undertaken at the state level,” Pence said. “Our Founders limited Congress’ role in conducting our elections for good reason: They wanted elections to be administered closest to the people, free from undue influence of the national government.”

Pence went on: “H.R. 1 is an unconstitutional, reckless, and anti-democratic bill that would erode those foundational principles and could permanently damage our republic.”

According to Reuters, it remains unclear when the Senate might take up the bill and what sort of chance it has of actually passing the upper chamber.

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21 Responses

  1. Someone should dig into these Republicans voting with Democrats and find out what “goods” the Democrats are holding over them. I have read about threats and even murder in some cases…

    1. Yes, and what they have on the Supreme Court justices because they won’t hear any cases about the illegitimate voting!

      1. Justice Roberts has a background of being on Epstein Island flight logs. They are not 100% sure it was justice Roberts but there is a Roberts on the flight logs. From what Marjorie described 40 of the republicans in the house seem complacent and will not fight anything just seem to have been there too long! I say Congress needs term limits and yes impeaching Nancy needs to happen!

        1. The old adage of speak not of which ye know not about Roberts should have never been published here. I am in no way a Roberts fan, but to speculate as to whether it refers to him regarding Epstein flight logs is pure speculation. Roberts is a very common name and it could have been anyone.

  2. Pelosi and all of the other democrats really need to be put completely out of any of our government office they hold. A.S.A.P.

    1. Nasty Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached today!!! She doesn’t care about us Americans. She only thinks of her narcistic self.

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  4. If we don’t stop criminals Democrats we’ll be living in a government exaley like communist China

  5. Pelosi And her cronies need to be taking out of office immediately they are destroying our country, they don’t care about the American people at all. they are more about themselves and all the immigrants they want to take care of before the American people.

  6. I still do not understand the lack of support the Supreme Court Judges have provided in reference to the fraudulent election. The proof was very obvious to the entire country, but they chose to turn a blind eye to the incident. Were they bought off or were they and their families threatened with bodily harm. Something happened to allow Joe Bidding to become the 46th president. Neither Joe or Kamala Harris are truly qualified to be the Commander and Chief of our U.S. Military Forces especially now that China is saber rattling over ownership and shipping routes in the South China Sea. This is dangerously careless.

    1. Martin, I totally agree with you! The Supreme Court justices have SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION and yet they have let this election fraud go with no judicial input whatsoever. That is certainly not constitutional and is extremely dangerous, as everyone knows. I don’t know if the Supremes can be impeached, but this seems to me like an impeachable offense. They have denied millions their constitutionally protected vote and with the lawlessness going on in Washington now, they are allowing a constitutional crisis — the left completely ignoring the constitution with no checks on them. I’m quite distressed with this!

  7. They are supposed to work for us, the American people! But they have their hands dirty in other countries!!!

  8. lets get the fraudulent democrats out of our capital & take the fence down around our capital & take control of the border, why must we stand by while america is destroyed>please President trump & vice President Pence guide us

  9. It is a total disgrace and slap in our faces as Americans having to put up with Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi. They are out of control rouge politicians, part of our government which is suppose to follow the constitution, care about Americans but it’s quite the opposite in everything. They prove over and over they could care less about a democracy or anyone but themselves! They will all burn in hell one day over what they are doing to America as a country! They are creating nightmares for their own personal show! God rescue us from their evil deeds and minds very soon. I hope I just get a small glimpse of them being thrown into the lake of fire for eternity! It will be!!

  10. Censored again. They have taken my right to free speech. Do you really think they won’t take yours? The First and Second Amendments are in dire straits, and the rest of The Constitution will not be far behind. This is how it started in China and Russia, do you think it won’t start here? Next will be the purges. If you’re not a Communist, you’ll be purged.

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