‘We need funds’: Top Biden nominee admits gas tax might be necessary

President Joe Biden campaigned in large part on his promise that he would resist tax hikes on middle-class voters.

Based on the statements of one top administration nominee, however, the president remains open and amenable to violating that pledge in at least one significant way.

“An intention to work together”

According to Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, who is Biden’s pick to head the U.S. Department of Commerce, the new administration is potentially willing to raise the tax on gasoline because the federal government “needs funds” to pursue the president’s lofty White House goals.

According to the Daily Caller, Raimondo’s admission came during her confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate in response to a question regarding a potential gas tax hike put forward by Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s nominee to serve as transportation secretary.

Of course, gasoline taxes are paid by all motorists, in particular working-class Americans who travel for work or have long commutes.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) posed a query seeking to determine how the Biden administration would pay for its proposed initiative on climate change and related transportation infrastructure.

“The document I signed — by the way it was bipartisan, Republican and Democratic governors — was an intention to work together with our legislators to develop a transportation climate initiative, so it’s very early in that process,” Raimondo replied.

“The average American family”

In reference to Buttigieg’s openness to raising the gas tax, which Scott described as “something that would impact the poorest families in our country significantly,” the senator asked Raimondo where she stood on the issue as well as how it might affect her ability to lead the Commerce Department.

The nominee attempted to skirt the issue, stating that she “would defer to Congress to make that decision,” although she acknowledged that as a governor she is “deeply in touch with how much increasing bills affect the average American family.”

Nevertheless, she pointed out the Biden administration’s assertion that “we do need to meet the climate change challenge and we need funds for improved infrastructure — better roads, safer roads, safer bridges — which also creates jobs.”

The apparent support for a higher gas tax among Biden’s key nominees appears to fly in the face of his repeated insistence that working-class individuals and families would not see a tax increase under his administration.

“Nobody making under 400,000 bucks would have their taxes raised,” he said in May, according to CNBC. “Period. Bingo. Let’s get people back to work. Let’s get them to work.”

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30 Responses

  1. What’s new? They do not know the truth and don’t seem to look at things logically before making decisions. They look at us as their money bags and go to foreign countries to get their rewards. We are their puppets covering all their World changes so they can get all their blackmail money.

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  3. I look at it as Americans really don’t know how those governing Americans and the decisions they make affect everyone tax paying American… they want to fix everything and give lots of money to foreign countries but to do that they have to RAISE taxes… that money given to illegals foreign countries etc comes from tax payers… Biden lied and kept lying to give give give but those who voted for him didnt seem to realize that that money to give has to come out of YOUR wallet your way of life and see to deny the truth… politicians can lie all they want but its all about getting votes to PUT them into office..Biden was no different.. While Trump was trying to get Americans to understand just what kind of devastation the Demorats would do to destroy America… he failed to wake up Americans and the Dems won from what we are told from the vote count… so we have to suck it up and pay and pay and change OUR lifestyle while they give up nothing and we pay for other countries abortions etc… makes you proud to be an American paying for others countries and our own unborn babies being murdered..

  4. Biden has lied from day one. He is a low life SOB, and if the lawyers and judges had been smart, they would have been honest and told someone that they had been threatened not to take Trumps case. There was fraud, and it has been proven. Democrats don’t want the people in America to know just how evil and depraved they are, and had stolen the damn election. The idiot that has been placed in the WH has no business even being there, and if they had looked into the fraud like they should have, he wouldn’t be!!!!!! He will be the death of our country!

  5. You can not shut down JOBS and then want more taxes. Is this all Democrats think off Tax this , tax that , We pay to many taxes Now . Stop Gov waste spending , I think you stay awake at night trying to think of a new Tax. WE DO NOT NEED MORE TAXES. We do not have the money you have.

  6. All above posts are right! The demonrat motto is tax and spend. So—- to all who voted for joebama, now that your jobs are GONE, how do you like him now??

    1. What would happen if Americans do not pay taxes at all? Just wondering !!!!!!!!

      After all, we are the government, are we not ?

      1. They’d jump on the most vulnerable, take all they own then, jail them right along with terrorists and murders. Oh, right–I forgot. The ‘terrorists’ were released and will be moving into your vacant home. Of course, with ‘everyone’ who still has a job, now in jail–I don’t know where the tax money will come from. Terrorists don’t work. Then, there is the ploy of taking those taxes straight from your paycheck before you get ‘what’s left’ to try to live on. An ‘estimated’ tax, of course and much higher than it would have been.

  7. Tax and spend Democrats, business as usual for them, they don’t seem to know any other way. Just keep throwing more and more of our money at issues without any regard for the citizens. Dems only know how to waste money and stuff their pockets.

    1. At what point in time did the Dems actually come up with a ‘working solution’ to a problem? NEVER!! Pres Trump said all they ever did was ‘spend, spend, spend’!!! Once again, he told the truth. (Something else they never got the ‘hang’ of)! Just wondering. Are there any ‘more’ campaign promises Biden hasn’t broken yet??? Are we really ‘surprised’???

  8. This is the reason I didn’t vote for Biden it’s because of his lies about not keeping his promises and raising taxes and. Including his illegals ,taking from the american people to give to his illegal. He’s already starting to ruin out country. I can’t believe y’all would vote for some one that’s not complacent and you want Harris to ruin out country because she doesnt have a clue and the american people were robbed of this election.Trump had every thing going for our country and I felt safe but I dont with Biden

    1. I’m having ‘anxiety attacks’ myself, Judy. Not to worry though. By the time Joe is in office two weeks, there won’t be a country left to ‘ruin’ anymore. Harris will simply ‘hand it over’ to the Chinese and be ‘done’ with it all. I’m still not convinced this is ‘over’ just yet. I don’t know what ‘good’ setting up an ‘alternative’ government will do, as I’m hearing Pres Trump is doing. Yes, move our Capitol to Florida but–will our Military ‘back’ us up???

  9. Government is a all profit organization they have no money except what they get from the people Joe Biden lied for almost 50 years now you think he’s telling the truth you get what deserve he’s your president now not mine I will never call him president election rigged wake people

  10. Bideniar is a liar and a damn liar at that. No new taxes he said. Hahahahahahaha. F’ing liar. Just the old bait and switch. America is full of gullible chumps who believed that SOB LIAR BIDEN.

    1. Goodguy… Heathens running this site…guess I have to say my prayers again… I pray that the anti-Constitution types in Congress and their heathen censoring comrades in big tech all suffer ruin and famine the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD…

    2. Well, 80,000,000 of us ‘DIDN’T’ believe him, did we?!!!!! This was ‘Election Fraud’ in the first degree!!! Supported by the MSM and we have been betrayed in the worst way possible–by our COURTS!!!!

  11. NO … I STRESS NO MONEY to any country outside USA !!! NO kick backs to
    any Congress Members and/or families. Now work on Covid-19 !
    Lee I. Lead Follow or GET OUT OF THE WAY !

  12. Is there anything legally that the American people can do to reign Joe Biden and his crazy senile group of people in. Every executive order that this man has signed goes against the good of this country?

  13. Everyone that is working, has a good job should go to their Employer and request a 1099, basically become a sub contractor. Doing this you could pay your taxes quarterly or at the end of year. Doing this would turn the crooks in DC upside down because they depend on that flow of cash to operate. If the government didn’t have that cash flow it would cause turmoil, forcing them to come up with a new system. But because Americans are spoiled, have gotten soft & would probably Die. The democrats have been doing what they do best. They lie to you, tell you(American Citizens) they will bring in ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS, try to make them SOMETHING THEY WILL NEVER BE, A PATRIOTIC “AMERICAN CITIZEN” because the democrats have been traitors since the Civil War ended. They took control of DC with their Criminal minds & started DUMBING DOWN THE STUDENTS ! They forced GOD out of everything That MADE AMERICA GREAT & Then Came TRUMP. Trump UN-MASKED the TRAITORS in DC. Trump was DRAINING THE SWAMP & was showing everyone how EASY IT WAS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BUT, The Traitor Trash in the swamp wasted 4 1/2 yrs, 40 million $$$ AND SHAFTED the AMERICAN CITIZENS ! Trump HAD TO GO ! The Swamp RATS Devised a way of GETTING TRUMP OUT. Swamp Rats & billionaires BOUGHT Traitors, putting them to work BETRAYED The American Citizen by RIGGING THE ELECTION AGAINST TRUMP & THE AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO WERE TOLD & SHOWN THEIR VOTES DIDN’T COUNT and the CHINEZE PUPPET STOLE THE OVAL OFFICE ! If ANYONE THINKS The 2020 ELECTION WASN’T RIGGED & IT was LEGAL, THEY HAVE NOTHING IN BETWEEN THEIR EARS . The democrat party has never GOTTEN OR DONE ANYTHING THE LEGAL WAY, they have always PUT AMERICA LAST & THE IDIOTS VOTE FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE DUMBER THAN A ROCK & STUILL LIVING IN MOMMY’S BASEMENT ! The Citizens better ge3t ready because the $&!+ is ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN !

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