Whistleblowers’ lawyer says FBI director needs to resign

Special Agent Timothy Thibault was escorted out of FBI headquarters after he quit last Friday, with Fox News reporting that he has been accused by whistleblowers of being politically biased.

Thibault may not be the only one to resign, however, with some wondering whether FBI Director Christopher A. Wray can remain on the job. 

Whistleblowers make disturbing allegations

That question was asked by PJ Media contributor Rick Moran in an article published on Wednesday. In it, Moran pointed to statements made by Kurt Siuzdak, a lawyer who represents a group of FBI whistleblowers.

“I’m hearing from [FBI personnel] that they feel like the director has lost control of the bureau,” The Washington Times quoted Siuzdak as remarking. “They’re saying, ‘How does this guy survive? He’s leaving. He’s got to leave.'”

Fox News reported last month that Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley announced that he was in contact with FBI whistleblowers who complained of politically driven decisions at the federal law enforcement agency.

This included shutting down any attempt to look at Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop as well as investigations of former President Donald Trump.

However, Siuzdak noted that there have also been complaints about sexual harassment, stalking, and agents being forced to sign false affidavits.

“[The FBI agents] are telling me they have lost confidence in Wray. All Wray does is go in and say we need more training and we’re doing stuff about it, or we will not tolerate it,” Siuzdak told the Times.

FBI says accusations “are taken seriously”

The Times noted that the FBI provided a statement which declared that its personnel “work hard every day to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution.”

“All employees are held to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, and we expect them to focus on process, rigor, and objectivity in performance of their duties,” it continued.

“Allegations of misconduct are taken seriously and referred to the Inspection Division or appropriate investigative body,” the statement insisted.

“In reality, the FBI is comprised of 37,000 employees who do it the right way on a daily basis to keep our nation safe by fighting violent crime, preventing terrorist attacks and defending America from espionage and cyber threats,” it concluded.