Two FBI whistleblowers go public with damning accusations against Biden’s politicized FBI

Several anonymous rank-and-file FBI agents have come forward to Republicans in Congress as whistleblowers intent on exposing alleged malfeasance and wrongdoing by the bureau that has been fully politicized under President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Director Christopher Wray.

Now two recently suspended FBI agents have come out publicly to blow the whistle against Biden’s overtly partisan FBI with specific allegations regarding the supposedly major threats of domestic terrorism by white supremacists and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the Timcast IRL podcast reported.

Both agents alleged that both issues have been overzealously pursued and overblown by the politicized FBI in an effort to help support narratives espoused by Biden and his fellow Democrats that are intended to dehumanize, demoralize, and ultimately silence and suppress their political opposition.

FBI has overblown the actual threat from white supremacists

The Washington Times reported this week that Kyle Seraphin, a recently suspended six-year veteran of the FBI, alleged that the overwhelming majority of the bureau’s investigations against supposed right-wing extremists and white supremacists were nothing more than “entrapment” operations designed to manipulate otherwise innocent individuals into committing crimes.

“My team was deployed to 20 or 25 different high profile, national terrorism organization or terrorism investigations between 2018 and 2021. And what I saw, as the most obvious statement, is that there are three things about counterterrorism investigations,” Seraphin said.

“Number one, the demand for white supremacy vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy,” he continued. “Number two, the FBI‘s playbook when it comes to counterterrorism investigations is always and unequivocally morally equivalent to entrapment, even if there’s a legal definition that allows them to skirt that.”

The third thing that Seraphin says he learned is that there are no actual objective standards on prioritizing investigations, but rather, “There’s an entirely ridiculous internal process for determining every single national priority” that differs depending upon each individual field office around the country and the officials who lead them.

SWAT raids on alleged Jan. 6 subjects accused of misdemeanors

At the same time that Seraphin came forward, the New York Post reported on damning allegations about Jan. 6 investigations from recently suspended FBI Special Agent Steve Friend, a 12-year veteran who was punished after complaining to his superiors about the heavy-handed manner in which the bureau was targeting individuals alleged to have been involved, even tangentially, in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Friend was actually declared absent without leave and suspended after he refused to take part in a SWAT raid on an individual alleged to have committed a misdemeanor crime related to Jan. 6, and he claims to have been not so subtly warned by his superiors that speaking out would result in reprisals and prove detrimental to his career.

He nevertheless came forward to both congressional Republicans and the Post with multiple allegations of wrongdoing by the clearly politicized FBI, including “manipulating” protocol to open more domestic terrorism cases to make the problem appear more widespread, as well as opening investigations into innocent people who weren’t even involved in the Jan. 6 riot or extremism.

Whistleblowers need to be protected from punitive reprisal

According to the Post, more than 20 anonymous whistleblowers have come forward to congressional Republicans thus far, but Friend said there are many more agents who are “disgusted” with what the FBI has been doing but are too afraid of being punished to speak out.

Hopefully, however, the bravery exhibited by Seraphin and Friend in speaking out publicly about the FBI’s misdeeds and political bias will bolster and encourage the others to do the same, whether publicly or anonymously, in order to rectify this worsening situation.