White House adviser refuses to admit recession possibility, says there are ‘always risks’

As President Joe Biden’s economy continues to spiral out of control at a rate not seen in several decades, it’s no wonder his top officials are now being asked by virtually all media outlets about the possibility of a recession.

According to The Hill, on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese did all but admit that a recession is on the horizon. He also made a number of eye-opening, ridiculous statements about the state of the economy as it stands. 

Given Biden’s record-setting inflation, among other factors, the U.S. economy is primed for a recession, with a growing number of economists admitting that it’s more likely than not.

Deese, who isn’t a dumb man, made a number of shockingly dumb statements. He knows better, of course, but it’s unlikely that he’d turn on his boss and admit that America is in real trouble on live television.

“Transition” again?

Early on as the inflation number began to rise last year, the Biden administration infamously said the issue was “transitory.” Several other factors — most of the made-up — were blamed after that, including the humiliating attempt to get “#PutinPriceHike” to stick.

But now it seems the White House is back to another “T word,” with Deese saying on Sunday that the current U.S. economy is merely an “economy in transition.”

“Our economy is in a transition from what has been the strongest recovery in modern American history to what can be a period of more stable and resilient growth that works better for families.”

He added: “There’s no doubt we face serious global challenges right now, inflation first and foremost among them, and it’s hitting families hard. But there’s also no doubt that the United States is in a better position than any other major country around the world to address inflation without giving up all the economic gains that we’ve had and that’s because of the strength of our recovery.”

“Always risks”

Deese was then asked the question everyone wants to know: Will America formally enter a recession period in the near future?

Deese barely admitted the possibility, which is disingenuous and irresponsible, as he’s clearly providing millions of gullible Americans false hope, which will likely prevent them from readying themselves for the worst.

“There are always risks, but we feel very good about where the United States is, particularly when you look on a global landscape,” Deese said.

For once, if the Biden administration would take even a shred of responsibility for its poor actions, if only to assure the American people that it would try to better in the future, it would blast his approval ratings into the atmosphere, as Americans respect and appreciate a little humility and honesty from our leaders. Don’t hold your breath, though.

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