White House attacked by illegal alien groups – arrests made

In an ironic twist, illegal immigrant groups are trying to illegally enter the White House perimeter – and the Secret Service is acting as a Border Patrol of sorts.

Breitbart reports:

A group of illegal aliens and open borders activists were arrested on Friday by members of President Joe Biden’s secret service after blocking an intersection near the White House, demanding that Biden give them amnesty to permanently stay in the United States.

It’s interesting that when Biden himself is faced with an onslaught of illegal visitors, he has his personal protection force arrest them.

But when ordinary ranchers and citizens near the border are invaded, Biden refuses to protect them, and slanders the people tasked with keeping them safe.

In a delicious twist, Breitbart notes:

In a press release announcing the protest, the agitators said they were no longer satisfied with the “crumbs” from the Biden administration, which has included preventing about 9-in-10 deportations through a series of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) orders

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13 Responses

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  2. Where do illegals. Get off Demanding Anything from this country. You don’t belong here. Get the heck out. NOW. An Biden needs to send groups to stop this. Send them ALL back NOW. An close borders. Get this country together. And let the American people get back to work. Get lives back in order. An then. An only then consider to let people in. Americans Come First.

    1. Elsine
      Not according to dementia-Joe and the “HO”. Since this pair was fraudulently “elected” by the “deep state communist operatives:” PRESIDENT TRUMP’S “America First” policy has been removed, and “replaced” by illegals first, “give them all they want so they will vote democommunist” and keep We communists in power forever.
      People need to open their eyes, and see how TYRANNY and COMMUNISM are replacing freedom, and are becoming the “new norm”, one “nudge” at a time.

  3. They already have the “prison” set up with a fence and razor wire. Put all those illegal aliens, and their “followers” right in with dementia-joe, and the “ho”, Lock the gates, cut off all communications, post the National guard as “prison guards”, they can all live together right there in their little fenced in world, and leave the rest of us alone to go about our daily lives.

  4. So President Chicken Clown Mouth Piece Biden what is your plan now? You really think all these illegals are going to vote for you unless you give them everything they want. You have already pissed off the Catholics, many countries around the world as well as their leaders, most of the people in the USA, most Republicans & even a lot of Dems., plus BLM isn’t please with you. Your 0 for 0 Joe, your handlers are making you & the Dems. look really stupid!! Keep up the good work, with this record your making for yourself we should be able to impeach most of you soon!!!

  5. Great news! About time Dem voters see what a huge mistake u made!!!! Hope you’re satisfied with ur stupid decision. It WAS a rigged election u were part of, now all hell is breaking loose. Commies, not stupid Joe are running the country. We need to get the Dems out and for good. And shoot BLM’s on sight as if shooting street rats.

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