White House warns Biden impeachment inquiry 'would be a disaster' ... for House Republicans

 September 1, 2023

Amid growing talk of an impending House impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, the White House has warned that such a development "would be a disaster," according to Breitbart.

However, in a display of haughty arrogance mixed with faux concern, the White House asserted that the "disaster" of which it warned would be for the GOP in terms of public opinion, and not for the Democratic president targeted for investigations by House Republicans.

House GOP gearing up for impeachment inquiry

While several House Republicans have been clamoring for some time to launch the impeachment process against President Biden with the formal opening of an inquiry, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has been a bit more circumspect and slow-moving on the effort, though even he is now signaling that an official impeachment inquiry could soon begin.

"There’s a lot of questions still," McCarthy said during a Sunday appearance on Fox News, according to Breitbart. "And to be able to get the answers to these questions, you would need an impeachment inquiry to empower Congress -- Republicans and Democrats -- to be able to get the answers that the American people deserve to know."

Still, reports indicate some dissent within the GOP ranks as a handful of House Republicans -- typically moderates in swing districts facing tough re-election prospects -- are not yet fully on board with a Biden impeachment probe, an internal rift that the Biden White House intends to fully exploit to its own benefit.

Arrogance on display

The Hill reported that in response to the remarks about impeachment from Speaker McCarthy and others, the Biden White House has gone on the offensive by way of a provocative statement from spokesman Ian Sams that comes across as an attempt at reverse psychology to seemingly prod House Republicans into launching an anti-Biden effort that the White House believes is doomed to failure and will "backfire."

"This baseless impeachment exercise would be a disaster for congressional Republicans," Sams said, "and don’t take our word for it: just listen to the chorus of their fellow Republicans who admit there is no evidence for their false allegations and that pursuing such a partisan stunt will 'backfire.'"

The outlet noted that the White House has gone so far as to specifically name certain House Republicans who aren't yet fully supportive of an impeachment inquiry and highlight their stated concerns about such an effort while simultaneously being dismissive of the growing mountain of evidence exposed by House Republican probes thus far of questionable and potentially criminal activity by the president and his family.

One unnamed Democratic source told The Hill, "The White House sees highlighting the divisions within the Republican caucus as a way to further show that these half-baked efforts are little more than a political stunt and driven by their extreme right-wing flank."

White House has established an impeachment "war room"

Yet, while publicly arrogant and dismissive of a possible impeachment inquiry, NBC News reported that the White House has nonetheless set about establishing a "war room" and building up its defenses to fend off the anticipated attempt by House Republicans to target and impeach President Biden.

That includes building a dedicated team of around two dozen people comprised of "lawyers, legislative aides, and communications staffers" who are already hard at work to develop an "aggressive response" to the expected GOP effort.

It also involves studying and emulating how the Clinton White House and Obama White House were able to successfully defend against and stymie House Republican investigations and impeachment in the past, not to mention enlisting the help of media allies in putting forth the narrative that the GOP has no real evidence to use against Biden.

Dismissing the growing mountain of evidence may not play well

The effort by the Biden White House to downplay the evidence of potential wrongdoing uncovered thus far by House Republicans is certainly a gamble, as Breitbart listed off more than a dozen examples of the mounting allegations against the president and his family.

All indications are that an impeachment inquiry could begin as soon as this month, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out and whether the White House will continue to be arrogantly dismissive or actually grow serious in defending the president from a concerted effort to threaten him with potential removal from office.

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