White House to ‘change up’ message on infrastructure due to public skepticism

Politico reported this week that President Joe Biden’s administration “plans to change up the messaging” regarding the president’s controversial infrastructure agenda.

The motivation for this seemingly boils down to one simple factor: Voters aren’t impressed with what they’ve heard, and that presumably has some Democrats worried.

Biden reverts to “Build Back Better”

In a piece published on Monday, Politico noted that Biden is again touting the “Build Back Better” campaign slogan he used in an attempt to drum up enthusiasm for his spending priorities.

The piece added that the change-up is, “in part, an effort to placate Democrats and progressives who raised concerns that the myriad proposals that made up an ambitious infrastructure agenda had become too confusing to explain to supporters.”

Politico cited six unnamed sources within the White House who indicated that the concerns surfaced in “a series of meetings and emails over recent weeks.”

A particularly high priority for the Biden administration is avoiding the perceived mistake that the Obama administration made in not informing the public of its accomplishments, a move which has been blamed for the political bloodbath Democrats experienced in 2010.

The move appears to be the motive behind Biden’s “barnstorming” efforts, which comes in addition to a collection of targeted ads that have been released by supportive organizations.

Concerns from leftist groups

The story comes on the heels of another Politico report that covered a memo from the left-wing group Unite the Country. It warned, “Even among voters who have a favorable view of Joe Biden, there is a real lack of information about the specifics of the Biden Agenda.”

The document claimed that voters’ “information about Biden often falls in line with internet disinformation, and Fox-News driven spin — specifically, both groups pointed to the small percentage of foreign assistance in the American Rescue Plan as reasons to oppose it.”

“Many were concerned that the good things in the Biden infrastructure/families [plans] that had wide-scale support would get screwed up in the lawmaking progress,” it added.

“The mood in the country is still overwhelmingly anxious. More voters are expressing cautious optimism about the way things are going in the country these days, especially compared to this point a year ago, but the majority of voters remain overwhelmingly concerned.”

Whether Biden’s new approach to hyping his legislative agenda will result in success is anyone’s guess, but he’d better act fast because it’ll all come to a complete halt next year if Republicans manage to take back even one chamber of Congress, which they’re widely predicted to do.

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