White House issues emergency declaration in response to extreme Texas weather

President Joe Biden just issued an emergency declaration on Saturday in response to the extreme weather pummeling the state of Texas over the weekend and expected to continue into the coming week. 

Governor Greg Abbott (R) requested the federal declaration in order to access additional funds to tackle the aftermath of the storm that has resulted in dozens of injuries and deaths statewide.

Mobilizing resources

Biden’s response authorizes the mobilization of Federal Emergency Management Agency resources that provide mass care and sheltering and Direct Federal Assistance for all 254 counties in Texas.

According to a White House press release confirming the emergency declaration, “FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency. Emergency protective measures for mass care and sheltering and direct federal assistance will be provided at 75 percent federal funding.”

Abbott thanked Biden for his swift action authorizing the declaration, writing that “I thank President Biden for quickly issuing a Federal Emergency Declaration for Texas as we continue to respond to severe winter weather conditions throughout the state.”

“This disaster declaration provides Texas with additional resources and assistance that will help our communities respond to this winter weather,” Abbott concluded.

Weathering the storm

The entire state of Texas is experiencing record-breaking temperatures and snowstorms resulting in dangerous driving conditions and an extreme strain on the state’s power grid.

Residents are being asked to avoid travel due to icy, low-visibility conditions that contributed to a deadly 133-car pile-up last week which resulted in at least 6 deaths and scores of dozens of injuries.

A surge in power use has induced a historic strain on the state’s power grid as the state plunges to record-breaking temperature lows, and energy authorities are urging residents to conserve power wherever possible.

CBS Dallas reported on Sunday that “all Texans are urged by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the state’s power grid, to conserve power use due to “record-breaking electric demand.'”

“Demand for power is expected to potentially exceed supply during parts of Monday and Tuesday,” Abbott added on Saturday. “We do as a state have the ability to ensure that we do not run out of power. To that, however, we need everybody in the state to pitch in and follow directions about ways we can reduce power usage to make sure that there will be no outage whatsoever.”

As of Monday morning, at least 2 million Texans were without power due to rolling blackouts as the icy weather continues to grip the state.

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16 Responses

    1. Global warming? Because there is a snowstorm? That’s kind of far-reaching.
      Besides, all the global warming enthusiasts are in direct disagreement with NASA who has been studying the weather and patterns for over 20 years. This global warming thing was an invention of Obama, who in return, made millions from it. $22M if I’m not mistaken.

      1. Al Gore mentioned this phony global warming before Obama.

        Everybody go to UGETUBE.com , click on Trending and read and listen to REAL news . Also go to OAN news, and read The Epoch Times.

  1. To get past the overstatements blaming every high tide, flood, extreme weather event on human-caused global warming is to exhibit ignorance of natural history. Parts of Florida & New Jersey have been under oceanic water. Major parts of western U.S. & Canada have been under water. Look at the fossils being discovered. In Miami raising the streets and eventually all (?) of Miami Beach are being discussed as if certain in the Miami Hairball. (Who’s gonna pay for that?)

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  3. Boo hoo. I do not feel sorry for people who live in areas they know have a history of natural disasters. They get what their greedy butts ask for and then get all teed off when the inevitable happens. Texans are rich enough to take care of their own people, especially with the influx of Californians who have moved there. Take care of each other. Stop having the federal government help you. This administration will demand more from you than you feel you need to give back. They are not here to help the people, especially Texans who made empty threats to cecede from the republic.

    1. YOu are better off telling that to oregon, seattle washington, detroit, new york ad california who want bail outf for the destruction the THUGS did in the summer.! Now, to those, I dnt donate one penny! To natural disasters we all unite you idiot.!

    2. Excuse me dear but we also have 900 miles of border to Mexico with all the illegals he’s ordering to let come in guess who is in harms way TEXAS FAMILIES!

  4. Well we are in end times ! Everyone should start reading their Bibles and get their lives ready to start reading their Bibles and And get their lives straightened out and ask forgiveness for your sins and get ready for God to take over and do his thing.

  5. With everything that is going on, biden wants to add 25000 illegals to the mix. He (biden) is worried about the corona virus, what is he going to do with 25000 illegals that have God knows what. Our country DOES NOT need this influx at this time.

  6. The Demoncrats always use the weather and education as part of their funding. (I don’t know just WHO gets those funds) FOR, TO THIS DAY, there are teachers that buy supplies (out of their pockets) to have on hand for any student that needs anything. Why can’t some be on hand, paid out of those funds⁉
    As far as the weather, it’s the weather. Weather you like it or not.
    Try changing yourself before you try changing the weather❗The ALMIGHTY would like that. I believe.

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