White House confirms Hunter Biden maintains ownership stake in Chinese-owned company

The final weeks of the presidential election cycle were in part defined by a growing scandal involving Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his dubious foreign business dealings.

Since the elder Biden was inaugurated last month, the controversy has only grown, including a recent confirmation that Hunter Biden still owns a 10% stake in a state-owned Chinese firm.

“I would point you to him or his lawyers”

Despite the fact that the president pledged in October that his family would not maintain any foreign financial entanglements if he won the race, White House press secretary Jen Psaki revealed on Friday that his son still maintains an ownership stake of Bohai Harvest RST Equity Investment Management Co. — though he is apparently attempting to unload the investment.

“He has been working to unwind his investment but I would certainly point you — he’s a private citizen — I would point you to him or his lawyers on the outside of any update,” Psaki told reporters.

According to Fox News, Hunter Biden’s legal team did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Multiple independent verification services also confirmed the younger Biden’s stake in the company, as reported by the Daily Caller. As of the latest updates available, it is unclear when or how he will be able to divest his holdings in the foreign company.

In addition to his interest in the Chinese firm, other foreign business deals — notably a profitable position on the board of Ukraine-based Burisma Holdings — led to pointed questions during his father’s campaign regarding possible efforts to trade on the former vice president’s name.

Other questionable business ties

Hunter Biden has since cut ties with Burisma, admitting that it was likely a bad look for him to be involved in the foreign energy company.

While his father denied having any specific knowledge of the international ties, leaked emails appeared to belie those claims.

One correspondence even suggested that Joe Biden might have had his own stake in a Chinese-owned company and another sparked speculation that he might have been on the receiving end of some of his son’s business income.

A former Hunter Biden associate confirmed that the email about Joe Biden’s stake was genuine, including an acknowledgement that the term “big guy” used therein was a reference to him.

Hunter Biden has also come under recent fire for signing a lucrative deal to write his memoirBeautiful Things, which is set to be published in April.

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25 Responses

  1. Is anyone surprised? The only surprise will be if any justice is meted out to the Biden family. They sure tried to hang President Trump for not doing what the over whelming evidence against the Biden family has been proven.

      1. What’s the matter with hancuffs for Joey…Frank…n Hunter now….this is what makes our country great…right, no accountability for actual CROOKS N Thieves….you must remember Joey and all his family have been doing this since he was VP for Obama…was told by Obama to clean it up and you can see how that worked out…NOTHING!!!!

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  3. Corruption & evil are the DEMS/RINOS……….WE THE PEOPLE have known and recognized that for decades………….

  4. Really sad. We knew most of this & the whole Biden crime family scheme before they shut the story down. There were some earlier questions thrown at Biden on some of his friendly stations about it. No D.O.J. no F.B.I., it was all infiltrated & led us to where we are now with an in your face stolen election. Every single Republican with any care for our Country has got to fight back & file whatever we can every day.

    1. We knew that all along Ptump new about it he told and advised ery American citizen but the Americans went on mute, now ! take what comes to yo

  5. They have always been corrupt, it’s a demorat thing. Look at the Clinton’s. Piglosis, Newsom, scumets, etal.

  6. He’s exactly what the Democrats wanted. A corrupt puppet that will do anything they want him to, legal or illegal. Doesn’t have a mind of his own. Just does what they tell him to do, if he can remember what it was.

  7. Do you ever stop casting any and all allegations, trying to bag Hunter in order to taint Joe B. ? Yet you never talk about the licenses granted Ivanka, by China?

  8. ALL the Bidens are cozily snuggled in bed with the Chinese willing to give America to them for a large share of the pie.

  9. Crooks of a feather stick together! Obama, Clinton’s, Biden’s, Piglosi, Schumer, shiff and all the rest. They all need to be prosecuted!

  10. Why haven’t people realized they are communist! The only cure for people like them is jail or worse. No one has the back bone to actually do something about them.

  11. There is already a fence around the Capitol building. Just put the prison clothes on them. Ocasio Cortez and Pelosi can be cell mates and talk about how President Trump was so bad. In the men’s cell, Biden and Schumer can talk about the green new deal. I am no longer getting paid. Wah! Wah!

  12. The most sickening part of America is the FBI, DOJ and the military, they all know who the political crooks are and do nothing about it when it’s a democrat!!

  13. For once Jobama didnt lie.
    He said “if we WIN the race”, not when we STEAL it.
    So he is covered. They didn’t win the race, and his family didn’t shut down their pay for play syndicate….. and the big guy still gets 10%

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