Judge Jeanine: White House is playing a ‘shell game,’ lying about border crisis

Jeanine Pirro accused the White House of playing a “shell game” and telling “outright lies” to cover up the impact of the southern border crisis.

In a scorching monologue, the Fox News host rebuked Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas for claiming that the southern border is “closed” even as illegal immigration continues to spike.

Pirro rips Mayorkas for “outright lies”

In March, images of migrant children packed in a Donna, Texas facility had put the Biden administration on the defensive.

However, the White House insisted at the time that the border was “closed” and denied that there was a crisis, a line it has held to ever since — while blaming the crisis on Donald Trump.

Recently, as Pirro pointed out, Mayorkas once again claimed that the border is “closed” and shared images of the Donna facility, now nearly empty, to make it appear as if things are under control.

Echoing Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar, Pirro blasted Mayorkas for trying to finesse the truth with a “shell game,” noting that the migrants have simply been moved to other facilities.

“How dare you think that you’re so smart and we’re so dumb that we’re buying into your nonsense,” she said. “We know what’s going on at the border, unlike your administration, we have visited it repeatedly.”

Border out of control, despite propaganda

At any rate, illegal immigration remains at its highest levels in 20 years, as Pirro noted: in April, the number of migrants who attempted to enter the country unlawfully increased to 178,000, many of them single adults.

“So, at the very least, we have 350,000 people who have crossed in the last two months, and you’re telling us 20,000 unaccompanied children are all that remains. That is a bold-faced lie,” Pirro said.

Pirro said the spike is “no surprise” after Biden halted construction of Trump’s border wall, but Mayorkas has no intention of acknowledging what Americans have seen happening with their own eyes for months: migrants pouring into the country unrestricted, with Biden’s encouragement.

While pretending that the border is “closed,” Biden is “literally shipping” illegal immigrants into the country to shift the electorate in favor of Democrats, Pirro said.

“Your administration isn’t even testing illegals for COVID,” Pirro said. “So don’t tell me the border is closed, and stop lying to me.”

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  4. its a mess! agents working hard with no help. just continue to stick your heads in the sand…so sad!

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  7. Shameless liars. Under Trump, the border was never like this. The whole world knows it and they would still continue lying and blaming Trump. Insolent immorality.

  8. If this site and the comments are monitored at all by Conservative Institute.org, then someone should restrict the use of this comment section for the selling of their disingenuous scams. I can skip over them, but it cheapens the value of the opinions of those who wish to comment.

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  9. The border isn’t closed, only the enforcement of our laws is closed. Thanks for nothing Democrat jerks!

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