White House reporter compares McEnany to ‘really bad ex-boyfriend,’ praises Psaki as ‘refreshing’

For at least one White House reporter, the recent departure of former President Donald Trump appeared to provide some profound psychological relief.

Yahoo correspondent Brittany Shepherd compared ex-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany to a “really bad ex-boyfriend” in a statement praising the Biden administration as a “refreshing” change.

“Nonstop national emergency”

According to the Washington Examiner, Shepherd made her incendiary remark during a recent CNN interview.

McEnany, who joined the Trump White House toward the end of the term, quickly attracted praise from Trump and his base for her combative approach to White House press corp journalists.

Critics, on the other hand, accused her of fueling animosity and even spreading disinformation from the White House press room podium.

Now that Trump is gone, some reporters say they are coming to terms with the supposed abuse they sustained by attending briefings led by McEnany, including CNN’s Jim Acosta, who called the White House’s treatment of the press a “nonstop national emergency.”

For her part, Shepherd used a failed romance as her analogy.

“It’s very refreshing”

“We were getting essentially abused by Kayleigh for so long, or at least she was calling us fake news and inciting her followers and followers of the president to not only harass us online but obviously go to deadly ends for some people with death threats,” she told CNN host Brian Stelter.

Of course, she is much more receptive to the style of President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki.

“Now we have Jen and the entire Biden team,” Shepherd said. “It’s very refreshing.”

Nevertheless, Psaki is facing her own backlash — even from some in the progressive mainstream media. Early evidence indicates that the Biden White House has been screening questions from reporters, belying the administration’s vow of transparency.

Shepherd tacitly acknowledged that the Trump administration was more open with the press than Biden, concluding: “They like to keep a tight leash on their principal so he doesn’t come out in front of the camera and gaffe. It is really manicured and it’s veneered. … Something Trump did give us was the ability to kind of ask him unvarnished questions. Of course, we would get ridiculous and crazy answers, but we knew what his perspective was at all times.”

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56 Responses

      1. Only in the great swamp of Washington could a
        so called Reporter be as dumb as Psuckie to make a statement like that. The worst Republican press secretary is 20 times better than Psuckie. She was bad at the State Department under John Kerry, the great carbon foot print American POS to ever receive a pay check from us taxpayers. I wonder why Psuckie got the job. She’s flat out awful. Circle Back Jenny. Go back to school, this is not a high school debate team, your speaking on behalf of a senile old man and the American people you’re talking to are not high school students. Shape up or ship out.

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  2. This is not a surprise considering, even with pre-screening, psaki doesn’t answer questions, is busy circling back, or doesn’t know what her boss is doing. This makes Brittney’s job very easy because there is nothing to report on.

    1. No it allows them to do just what they’ve done all the way through Trumps term. They get to make up whatever they want, knowing they all kiss the DNC’s butts they can reap as much praise on the Biden Administration, as they can, while the country burns to the ground around them !

  3. Phacki is just that; a political hack that coddles the fake news crews. A total Dunderhead could do a better job than she’s doing. McEnany told it like it was & did so in a straight forward & in a direct to the point manner. She was a perfect fit for those of us that seek out the truth. That’s my opinion as well as the opinion of 75,000,000 plus people.

    1. Yes McEnany did not take the fake news’ crap! She stood up to them and turned their own questions on them. She knew they were out to get Trump. I was proud of her for not taking their abuse. And that’s exactly what it was. ABUSE!!!!!
      Now you have someone who wants to screen every question being asked? Why? So they can dance around the real answers or lie through their teeth. Beijing Biden isn’t even answering any questions from the press. This poor excuse is. What does that tell you people?

  4. Psaki hasn’t given a answer to any questions she just makes stupid remarks and then she tells you she will circle back but that will never happen because she is completely lost. She couldn’t circle back in oval office

  5. Amen!!!! to the McEnany fans. I for one completely loved her style…upfront, to the point, and no sugar coating. In my non-political opinion, a press conference should be unrehearsed and questions from the press should be answered as truthful as possible for the American people. This is definitely not the case with our current press secretary.

  6. Psaki is so lame. She may have gotten away with “no answer” answers back in her Obama days but not since the very capable Trump spokes women. She circles back, uses….Uhm…..filler words constantly and swishes her hair from the right side of her face constantly when it isn’t in her face. Must be a nervous sort of thing EVEN when she gets the reporters questions BEFOREHAND.

  7. I can’t believe that Brittany person …. but sounds like she just fits right in with the new administration. Psaki is the rudest press secretary I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t treat any of the reporters like they’ve got a brain in their heads. I would think they’ll eventually tire of her attitude. I expect her to say “let them eat cake” at any minute. I don’t get any information from the press conferences from her but am getting dizzy circling around!

  8. What a bunch of winey cry babies. Go get a real job because yiu have failed miserably at this one. You are about a good at your job as Biden is at his. Who is pulling your strings cry baby bully.

  9. They didn’t like Kayleigh because she was smart and could handle the abuse some of these journalists handed. The one in there now is obviously not getting briefed by this President or what he says makes no sense!!
    We had the best!!!

  10. Cannot understand how these people get paid, much less work in government. Talk about non-essential. Nothing they do is good. So, why are they considered essential and restaurants, libraries, gyms, Office of Military Records and others non-essential. Wow! Can someone please take them for mental evaluations. This is like letting a blind person drive a car. I would actually feel safer in the car. Have not heard one good word since they took office. Press Secretary should not even be employed. She never answers questions.

  11. Kayleigh, we miss You GIRL ! You always gave the truth, and expected it from others. Now not only are we stuck with this little church mouse who is afraid of her shadow ….. press conferences are so bland and anecdotal, they serve no purpose — Kinda like that guy in The White House, WHO SERVES NO PURPOSE !

  12. The best ever press secretaries were Sarah Sanders and Kaleigh Mc anany! Psaki can’t hold a candle to either of them! But—— she fits right in with dumbo obummer and doofus Biden. Talk all around an issue and never answer the question!

  13. Saki is a drink in China thats how see got the job her saying is circle back see is perfect for sleepy Joe Biden see has no idea what she is talking about put it on Joes 3×5 cards he uses all the time

  14. McAnany was a powerful press secretary. Psaki is weak. Word is all questions are pre-screened. If all else fails, she’ll “circle back on it” and get back to you. I loved just the other day when she fumbled through a binder of tattered pages, looking for answers. Kayleigh had it all together. Like she actually talked to President Trump.

  15. President Biden just told me this morning: “Blah, Blah, And Blah, Also, Yak, Yak, So On And So Forth, But I’ll Have To Circle Around And Get Back To You Later On That, Nancy Pelosi will explain all of that in her next meeting with the MSM and they will interpret everything to the, American people, In her own, “Double Talk Version!”

  16. This is insane the new press Secretary is an idiot!! She is the most incompetent individual I have seen ever. Where is the transparency the American public was promised??? She can’t or won’t answer any straight forward questions!! It’s so sad everything best for the American people have never transpired! What a sham perpetrated on the American public!! Hope people wake up and see how they were swindle out of their freedoms.

  17. She really is the most incompetent press secretary ever! A complete AIR HEAD who has the same recorder on ever day! “I’ll CIRCLE BACK to that” But never does….LMAO… Just goes to show the mental incompetence people have for voting these idiots to office! God I hope they can afford a clue or 2 to buy for next election!

  18. Psaki had as much intelligence as the rug on my floor. She is a total bore. My lord the entire biden administrative staff, if you call them that, are about the biggest losers.

  19. She is never prepared, stumbles through every session, and seems to be as dumb as they come. She doesn’t hold a candle to Kayleigh McEnany. Whatever side of the fence you’re on…it’s not rocket science to see she inept as the new press secretary. The entire administration is just limp!

  20. you did not post my first comment you must be democrats to when you have a bunch of spineless people in the senate that’s what happens suck it up buttercup and do your jobs

  21. WOW this reporter & Psaki are dumber than stumps!!! Kayleigh was the best press secretary always had the fact & knew what she was talking about! I can see why Psaki is jealous of her she never be able to do as good as Kayleigh!!

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