‘Be better’: White House blasts media scrutiny of claim about Lego replica built by Trump’s grandson

President Donald Trump’s critics in the media have proven over the past four years that they are willing to take some big leaps in their attacks on the administration. The reaction to an otherwise quaint family story, however, might just take the cake.

As reported by Breitbart, some reporters are seriously investigating the claim that Trump’s young grandson built a White House replica in Legos to present to his grandfather.

“He has the greatest grandchildren on earth”

The absurdist controversy stems from an anecdote shared by the president’s eldest daughter during this week’s Republican National Convention.

“When Jared [Kushner] and I moved with our three children to Washington, we didn’t exactly know what we were in for,” Ivanka Trump said in her address on Thursday. “My son Joseph promptly built grandpa a Lego replica of the White House.”

She went on to say that her father “still displays it on the mantel in the Oval Office and shows it to world leaders, just so they know he has the greatest grandchildren on earth.”

Almost immediately, several reporters noted the story’s similarity to a narrative Ivanka Trump shared about herself as a child on a previous occasion. Others noted that photos of the Lego replica could not be found in photos and footage from inside the Oval Office.

In one article resulting from this line of investigative journalism, Business Insider’s Jacob Shamsian pursued both angles. He later promoted his article — along with evidence supposedly challenging Ivanka Trump’s claim — in a series of tweets.

“Absolutely insane”

ProPublica’s Andrea Bernstein authored her own thread of tweets on the subject and let it be known that she had “asked the White House if 3-year-old Joseph indeed built it of his own initiative, and if he had assistance.”

Though some might think the contrived scandal deserves no response, the special assistant to the president provided photos a short time later in a tweet taking aim at those pushing the conspiracy.

“I absolutely cannot believe that reporters are really trying to cast doubt on the validity of a 6 year old’s gift to his grandfather,” tweeted Carolina Hurley. “Be better.”

Joseph’s uncle, Donald Trump Jr., also came to the child’s defense. He shared a tweet highlighting “how absolutely insane the left-wing media has become” by including a screenshot of Bernstein’s tweet.

The latest controversy surrounding a Trump child comes after first lady Melania Trump has castigated Food Network host John Henson’s “inappropriate and insensitive” comments about son Barron. Just when it seems anti-Trump reporters cannot sink any lower, developments like these show there is apparently no depth to which they will not go in pursuit of their mission.

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