White House press briefing paused on Tuesday after person faints

 June 19, 2024

Although White House press briefings are known for occasionally being heated affairs, that adjective took on a more literal meaning this week.

According to The Hill, Tuesday's briefing came to a temporary pause after it was feared that the temperature had caused a medical emergency. 

White House press secretary stops briefing to check on person who fainted

The website explained that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was taking a reporter's question when she heard a commotion.

"Oh, hold on," the Biden administration official  was quoted as saying. Jean-Pierre went on to ask, "Did somebody pass out?"

Video footage of the event showed the White House press secretary move towards the back of the room and briefly remained there alongside a group of others who had gathered.

Upon her return to the podium,  Jean-Pierre stressed that the briefing room was hotter than normal and asked those in attendance if they needed water.

National Weather Service predicts higher temperatures in cities across the U.S.

A report released by the National Weather Service noted that the nation's capital is expected to have several sweltering days this week, with the thermometer peeking at 100 degrees on Sunday.

Washington, D.C. is not the only urban center to be hit by high temperatures in recent days, as the National Weather Service put up a social media post which listed scores of other cities that are also struggling with hot weather.

"Dozens of daily temperature records are set to fall over the next few days. Readings will generally be much higher than what's normally expected even during the hottest part of the summer," it stated.

The National Weather Service went on to remind Americans that they should "Stay cool. Hydrate. Check on neighbors."

Heatwave in Cleveland predicted to bring hottest day since 1987

A subsequent post pointed to Cleveland as being a particularly egregious example, with the maximum temperature predicted to top out at 92 degrees on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service pointed out that historical data shows Cleveland's average hottest day to be July 14 when the maximum temperature is typically 84 degrees.

Meanwhile, Peoria, Illinois is forecast to reach 96 degrees on Saturday, which would tie with the previous record set over three decades ago.

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