Report: White House wants to contract with private companies to monitor ‘extremist chatter’ online

The Biden administration is ramping up efforts to spy on American citizens who disagree with the Democratic Party.

According to a new report, the White House is seeking to outsource surveillance to private firms to keep tabs on “extremist chatter” online without probable cause.

Essentially, the White House is looking for creative ways to sidestep legal limitations on its surveillance powers.

Seeking new power to surveil “extremists”

Under law, the Department of Homeland Security cannot infiltrate private chat groups, such as by using a fake identity, without probable cause. They are limited to gathering information posted publicly on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The DHS is said to desire bypassing this by using outside firms to access encrypted chats used by right-wing organizations like the Proud Boys. “We are exploring with our lawyers, civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy colleagues, how we can make use of outside expertise,” an anonymous official at DHS said.

Officially, however, the DHS hotly contested the “blatantly false” claims and insisted they are not contemplating anything unconstitutional.

“All of our work to address the threat of domestic terrorism is done consistent with the Constitution and other applicable law, and in close coordination with our privacy and civil liberties experts,” the DHS statement added.

Biden’s war on terror

The initiative appears to be the latest shot across the bow in a new “war on terror” being waged by the Biden administration against what it calls “domestic violent extremism.” A big question is what defines an “extremist,” and who gets to define it. Civil libertarians and many conservatives have expressed concern that the White House is using the Jan. 6 riot, and the pretext of a pervasive right-wing threat, to justify eroding civil liberties and cracking down on political dissent from mainstream conservatives and Trump supporters.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has been highly critical of the burgeoning “war on terror,” flagged the latest news in a tweet.

Will these efforts be limited to targeting actual extremists? And will they target all extremists regardless of political affiliation? Will they include left-wing groups like Antifa, who Biden once called an “idea,” or only those on the right

What remains absolutely certain is that the White House is all systems go on this new “war.” In his his first big speech to Congress last week, Biden affirmed his view that “white supremacy” is the greatest security threat America faces, and called the Jan. 6 riot the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

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9 Responses

  1. OK, spy on American citizen whether born, naturalized or in process — BUT allow people to come here illegally or from countries are known to support terrorism here. Just another way that Democrats/Liberal show that Americans HEH, THIS INCLUDES the American Democrats that believe in their party DON’T come before other countries, illegals or terrorists(home grown or otherwise). They are out to destroy our country to promote their agenda.

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  3. What in the world is “white supremacy”? I am white and I guarantee I’m not one, and neither are the other white folks I know. On the other hand, I consider the BLM people extremist who like to riot, loot, and destroy private property. Our media (along with some Democrats) keep this nonsense going in an attempt to divide our country.

  4. I feel like I am back in Ceaușescus Communist regime that every second citizen was a spy for the regime.

  5. I find it hard to believe they’re intent on investigating themselves since they’re the only extremists in this country. Must be another propaganda lie.

  6. The Gestapo started as a non-government entity and the SS was never part of the Wehrmacht, the German National military. Those that forget, or were never taught, history are destined to repeat it.

    This story is but one example of the Dems attempt to cancel the Constitution as we’ve known it for 245 years. Americans are not going to let this happen without their being hell to pay.

  7. Direct Consitutional violations. These things/people, need to be removed immediately ! The United States is dying from a disgusting cancer known as “The Democrats”. Cut them out before it’s too late….!

  8. Since before Biden took office, FB and Google have been giving information on citizens to the FBI with out requests. They give conversations freely for the FBI to review and make a list of suspects that they believe are a threat to the Biden Administration or the Democrats corrupt government.

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