Trey Gowdy stresses the importance of putting honest people in charge of elections: ‘Who do we trust?’

Host of Fox News Primetime Trey Gowdy ended the show Thursday with a bombshell question: “Who do we trust in our everyday lives?”

The former congressman had suggested during the Fox program that as Americans consider how to make future elections more secure, they should look at how to put trustworthy people in charge of counting votes.

After asking people to imagine a wooden box that holds the votes that will decide the leader of the free world, Gowdy said, “Who do we trust as a people to count the votes and give us the truth?”

“So who do we trust?”

According to Fox, Gowdy went down the list of people who may be considered trustworthy, starting with politicians and then moving to reporters, judges, prosecutors, business leaders, and clergy. “So who do we trust?” he pressed.

“We all know people we would trust to [count votes honestly],” the former congressman answered. “We know people of character and integrity, they would be trusted to do the right thing no matter what. Those people are not famous, they’re just honest, and maybe that’s the answer.”

Gowdy also challenged his audience to think deeply about trust and the people they know who would be honest even if the truth ran counter to what they wanted to happen.

That kind of honesty is called integrity, and while it may be rarer than the dodo bird in Washington, D.C., most of us know people who we are far more certain have the integrity to count votes truthfully than the politicians currently in office.

People over politics

“The American people are better than what we see, hear, and read,” Gowdy said Thursday, as Fox reported.

“Maybe we do trust each other more than we let on,” he added. “There are people we trust. The challenge is getting the people we trust the most to be in positions where trust is needed the most.”

It almost seems too easy: if all the election officials are honest, the election itself will also be honest. In addition, changes at the local level are more difficult to detect and subvert than more wide-ranging operations.

A focus on community-level reform could also only help overall trust in election results. Currently, more than half of Republicans think former President Donald Trump got shafted in the last election, and part of that is because of numerous reports suggesting that local officials acted unfairly or dishonestly.

Fixing the personal integrity problem of election officials would be a good first step toward a more honest and trustworthy system — one that Americans can actually feel confident in.

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35 Responses

  1. when i was able to vote the age limit was 21..then with the viet nam war they lowered it to 18..i only missed 1 voting in all these years( i am 75) because i didn;t like anyone that was running…after this fraud with Donald Trump, i really do not know if i could truly trust our voting system ever again..Now i see what the democrats have done and i am truly disgusted how they are putting other nations people before boot we are borrowing all this money from china which hopefully they will not own us one day…does it make sense to do this??? thank you,

        1. What is the point in voting if they are just going to steal it and convert it to who they choose? Elections in America have lost all integrity and honesty, we are more like a third world dictatorship, our votes mean nothing now.

          1. This is why we need to step up and fix the problem rather than just stop voting. I feel like not voting but that will not fix the problem.We need some really good problem solvers to get busy and fix this voting and make it secure again.

        2. Please, 74 million of us and probably a few million more (that were switched from Trump to Biden) meant absolutely NOTHING…it’s like they were never cast. So any future voting for GOP will be the same. Do you really believe the dems will stop cheating? Wakeup and smell the coffee!

      1. Please vote for the best available in every election! Not voting gives more than one vote to the democrat devils! And work at polling places! At least I know the precinct that I worked at had no foolish ess! EVERYONE had ID and EVERYONE was in our poll book or was directed to the correct polling [email protected]!

      2. I am still sick clear to my soul that we could ever allow such a blatant fraud to our elections. But i can’t stop voting or they win for real.

      3. thats what they want you just caved into them they are laughing you need to do just the opposite GO AND VOTE i’am 72 was there too . i’am not going to let them bastards win . without the vote you lose

    1. Here in Mayes County Ok. we have Voter ID . We have no problems. I wish every State had our system.

      1. We in VA all had a voter ID. Until 2021 State Dems. Cancelled it. Didn’t stop the fraud( not published widely as in other states) but known by we the people . Had late unsigned ballots counted, dead people voted, and bundles found and shredded.

        1. Maureen… VA used to be a good place when governors like Harry F. Byrd were in office. VA was invaded starting in the 1960’s by move-in’s from the north to work in DC government offices. In 1966 they brought the sales tax to VA. VA has circled the drain since. Presently, VA has a whigger governor who has done everything to ruin VA heritage and make the state UNSAFE. Vote every chance to throw out the whiggers and the jungle from public office.

    2. nancy, PLEASE vote. It is our voice. I’m way older than you and have never missed voting, not once even in local elections.
      We need to mobilize our states to stop using computers: Dominion, ES&S, Smartmatic. Write letters, demand they not be used ever again.
      Our nation is a Constitutional Republic and we have/had elections that should be honest. If we don’t vote, the left-wing loons win. We must keep voting, using our ballots as our voice, becoming involved in politics at every level.
      Please, nancy, reconsider. We need all our patriots.

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  3. Trey asks who do we trust to count the votes. Wish it was that simple Trey. When there is a deep state of politicians, FBI, AG, msm and all the judges from the local level to the SCOTUS that conspire to rig an election it doesn’t matter who counts them, the judges will NOT hear any arguments proving fraud.
    Trey, you want people to believe in your fancy rhetoric, then how about speaking out and figuring out WHY the SCOTUS failed to act. Demand an answer from these cowards!

  4. How can you trust any politician when it’s there job to lie to us. We can’t even make it a law to prevent them from lieing as it is considered free speech. Not voting is not the answer, that’s just giving in to the crooks that are taking our country from us. Seems to me the only real solution would be going back to the original way it was when being a politician was a part time job. They actually had to work a real job and not make a living from being a politician. Then you might have more honesty and integrity because you would have people doing as a service again instead of doing for their own interests. It’s sad to say but there’s little hope of it ever changing without a lot of blood being spilled because we the people have limited options. All we can do is hope and pray that people open their eyes and see what is being done to this country and do your own research, quit listening to the MSM and continue to vote for sake of our country.

    1. The dems are NOT worried at all if the GOP gets record turnout or no turnout. They are deep state and have the most sophisticated way to cheat. They have Governors, Secretaries of State, Judges, FBI, AG right up to the SCOTUS who will finally let it happen while the slime msm reports NO FRAUD. Oh and lets not forget the spinless GOP politicians that will follow the dems and certify a fraud election.

  5. I am Convinced the Washington D.C. Mafia Type Power People Worked with the Democrat Party Bosses Manipulated the 2020 Elections. My Philosophy is If Any Voting After 2016 Could Be Manipulated in Any Way the Democrat Party Planned and Used it. There is No Way Our Voting System Counting Machines Should Have Any Outside Internet Communications Used to Allow Vote Counting Manipulations. As We Have Witnessed the Last 4 Years, The Democrats Have the CIA, the FBI, and Even the Supreme Court Under Their Control. I Believe Trump was Getting to Close to the Evil Power Elements in Our Government and They Made Sure He Would Not be Re-Elected.

  6. Why would they change the vote. Libs are holding all the cards.Don’t understand how 9 judges ignore the constitution.
    this shadow ,tratiorus gov’t will pack the court, make Puerto Rico and D.C. a state insuring 4 Dem Senators. They will expand the timeline for counting votes till they have enough..
    My country is dead. My contitution ,you can wipe yourself with.
    Have been sick since the innorgeration.. Makes my time in Milatary seem a waste. The people in D.C. have fenced themselves in because they’re afraid of the people. The 6th of Jan. will make it more difficlut the next time. Do it while I’m still alive GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP

  7. One needs to call or email your local representatives and demand VOTER ID and the old machines with PUNCH OUT BALLOTS.🇺🇸

  8. Never give up! Look back at history! Study and know the battle is always going to be rough but we are tough. I will never stop because I am an American!

  9. Maybe it would be wise when selecting those people who will count the votes or handle the ballots in any way, to hit them where it hurts most: in the wallet. If anything seems fraudulent the person(s) involved, the county, the city, etc., ALL should be fined at least $500 to $1000.00 each with the money going to the party that was harmed, i.e. Republican or Democrat.

  10. The Few controlling the Many continues on.
    America is now the Cart before the Horse (in this case the Donkey) dealing with disinformation being handed out at Will and sucked in by Left believers. The RINO’s (at least forty) are helping them along with “what’s in it for me”. Instead of God bless the American People it becomes God bless the World, then the Americans. Once again, by the Few. Kindly be advised, imo, the current Administration in Power is in there based on Propaganda and invented 1’s and 0’s. Conservatives are still being walked all over even with their eyes wide open and we think we’ll get the House back with RINOs everywhere.

    1. More reason to support government regulation of the internet as a COMMON CARRIER (like our telephones). We don’t get cut off or censored talking on our telephones; all US internet traffic must be regulated like telephones. Too bad for facebook, twitter, google, you tube, etc. Verizon, T-Mobile and other regulated telephone companies are also private companies with stockholders….Section 230 of the Communications Act has to go.

  11. Yes, I agree. Not to vote would be giving in to evil and they win. I think we would trust the military to oversee elections and on paper ballots only, counted by hand.
    Also, I’ve had the same physically sick feeling ever since the stolen election. There have been a small number of brave heroes speaking out for what is right, but they are so outnumbered by those who want to do evil to our country.
    It’s so difficult to not feel defeated.

  12. We all need to continue the voting, even if it seems like we have unfair elections. What we need to do is continue to hound our states every week to let them know we want fair and honest elections. We need to do it so much that they will HAVE TO comply with our wishes. We, the people…cannot allow them to belittle us into thinking we just do not matter. Don’t give up…but at our local levels, we need to be involved in the polls…working and volunteering, training to be election poll watchers, and asking our elected Reps and Senators in our states to be sure to make some very secure safe guards to keep elections honest and fair. If they do nothing…that is the kind of vote they will get from us the next time. A big zero!!

  13. How about real investigations for the 2020 election, is the military a part of America?! seems to me that they wouldn’t want Commies telling them what to do, but after all, you have military attacking Tucker Carlson saying whatever and letting China dominate all over place, looks like a banana republic around here!!

  14. All that is necessary for evil to conquer is for GOOD people to do NOTHING.
    At 84, I am looking forward to continue to vote in every single election I can until I go to meet the Lord. We never stop being CITIZENS of this great land.

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