Why Hasn't America Already Evacuated Americans From Israel?

 October 12, 2023

White House national security spokesman John Kirby was asked point-blank why America hasn't gotten our people out of Israel.

Other countries are helping their people.

America is supposed to be the greatest country in the world, but when it comes to taking care of American citizens, Joe Biden's administration has been anything except the best at that.

In fact, Joe Biden's administration may go down in history as the least pro-American administration in American history.

He's letting our citizens die in Israel.

Just like his premature evacuation caused Americans to die in Afghanistan.

Americans are dying literally daily because of the fentanyl crossing our southern border that Joe Biden's administration has been refusing to cut off.

Hey, drug dealers vote too, and if Joe Biden looks the other way, he assumes that these people will owe him a vote.

I can guarantee you that if the general demographic streaming over our southern border was filled with more Republican voters, Joe Biden would have shut that down in an instant.

As of October 11, at least 22 Americans had died in Israel, and that number has probably grown by the time you read this.

"I want to start with the efforts to get Americans out of Israel right now," NewsNation chief White House correspondent Blake Burman said to John Kirby. "I think Sen. Josh Hawley sort of summed it up what many people are asking. Here’s a social media post he put out, Here’s that quote: ‘For the second time in two years, Americans are stranded in a war zone. What’s the plan to get them out? How can you answer that question?’"

Kirby had no good answer.

He gave an answer anyway:

"Well a couple of things here: First of all, commercial flights are still going in and out of Ben Gurion airport, so that’s always an option for those who may want to leave."

They're literally telling Americans to find their own way out of Israel.

"How was it that we are seemingly behind several countries on this front?" Berman pressed back.

But Kirby wouldn't admit that was the case:

"I think I would take issue with you that we’re behind anybody here. We have been exploring options and continue to do that," Kirby concluded.

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