Marianne Williamson unloads on Biden’ campaign strategy: ‘Enough talk about hope and love’

The Democrat establishment has largely coalesced around Democrat nominee Joe Biden, but at least one of Biden’s former competitors is not on board with the program.

Failed 2020 presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson came out swinging against Biden’s campaign platform on Sunday, declaring that it is “platitudes but no substance and no policy.”

Williamson attacks

Biden appeared to reference the title of one of Williamson’s books in his Democratic National Convention speech, saying at one point that the moment the US faces right now “calls for hope and light and love. Hope for our futures, light to see our way forward, and love for one another.”

Actress Frances Fisher pointed out on Twitter that Biden’s statement was likely inspired by one of Williamson’s publications. The former candidate rose to prominence as a spiritual guru and author in the 1990s.

Williamson acknowledged that she “appreciates” that Biden “used her book title” in his speech, but went on to rip his campaign platform in a series of tweets.

“You need to actually read the book,” she continued, addressing Biden. “Your campaign is everything people said that I was but I actually wasn’t: platitudes but no substance and no policy. Enough with talk about hope and love: show us the policies that provide it!”

“The Biden campaign seems to think they need to act all gentle and nice during the campaign, then once they’re in office they can get tough. But @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris you’ll never get into office unless you get tough right now! Get fierce or it’s all over. #takeyourglovesoff”

Williamson has been one of the more outspoken prominent Democrats against the Biden campaign and the Democrat establishment, likening the recent DNC to “binge-watching a Marriott commercial.”

Top Dems panic

The Biden campaign’s strategy of allowing Trump to control the narrative isn’t just frustrating Williamson. Other Democrat insiders and strategists are beginning to sound the alarm about Biden’s ineffectual strategy as well.

Steven Livingston, a media studies professor at George Washington University, told the Hill that the Biden campaign’s strategy of nebulous “hope and love” does raise “questions about whether they’re trying to shield him or keep him in unchallenging situations … The Democrats decided at their convention that they’d run Joe as the nice and decent guy compared to the president, who is not a nice guy. That has the benefit of being accurate. The question is whether it’s sufficient to win the presidency.”

Another anonymous Democrat strategist criticized the Biden campaign’s much-maligned “basement” strategy, explaining that “If you’re not going to be out on the trail, you should be doing interviews every single day.”

For whatever reason, they have determined that they can’t put him out there,” the strategist continued. “That’s the worst strategy. They need to get on the offensive, get out and talk to press. Their strategy is running out the clock but they better f—— pray for a kickass debate.”

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