Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down governor’s mask mandate

The Wisconsin Supreme Court became the latest state court to strike down a governor’s mask mandate, this time declaring Gov. Tony Evers’ (D) statewide edict “unlawful” by a 4-3 vote. 

The court found Evers’ mask mandate to be in violation of state law because it was done unilaterally and went on beyond a 60-day time frame for executive emergency orders.

To extend the mask mandate beyond 60 days, Evers needed legislative approval, something that he could not get in the Republican-controlled state legislature.

“The question in this case is not whether the governor acted wisely; it is whether he acted lawfully. We conclude he did not,” Justice Brian Hagedorn wrote in the majority opinion.

Vaccinations continue in state

Evers originally ordered the mandate in August, but wants to keep it in place as case numbers begin to increase slightly in the state.

It is the third time a Wisconsin court has checked his executive power since the pandemic began. In May, the state Supreme Court struck down Evers’ stay-at-home order after it surpassed the 60-day mark, and in October a state appeals court prevented Evers from limiting capacity in bars, restaurants and other indoor locations.

Some fear another surge in cases is imminent even though vaccinations continue to increase. In Wisconsin, 2.7 million residents have been vaccinated so far and distribution has been the fastest of any state.

On Monday, all adults in the state became eligible to get the vaccine, making Wisconsin one of the first states to open vaccinations to anyone 16 or older.

Local mask mandates continue

The court order only applies to Evers’ statewide mandate, and several local mask mandates in Milwaukee and Dane County where Madison is located remain in place.

Evers said he used science in deciding to continue the mask mandate and wanted to keep residents safe by continuing the mandate.

He urged people to continue wearing masks even without the mandate and said he would continue working to get residents vaccinated in order to bring case numbers down.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) said residents and businesses “don’t need state government telling them how to live their lives” and that they should be able to make their own decisions about wearing masks.

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8 Responses

  1. For maybe the hundredth time, cloth and foam rubber masks are useless against the Covid virus. Only N95 medical quality masks work at all, and the 95 in their name means they only filter 95% of particles of virus size. A virus will go through a cloth or foam mask like common sense goes into and out of a Democrats brain. Not at all.

    1. I agree basically but there aare some things that N95 don’t do well. Fit is one. If you have any facial hair for example and in general fit, as is said. Also I shoud relook up the link but I don’t have time that explains the particle size and what n95 will block out and there is a reason too but again I just don’t remember all that stuff anymore.
      All other masks are bad for you to wear long term aa naybe some n95’s. You rebreath your air which is not good.
      Oh the tests to determine if you have covid and the vaccines are a joke too.

  2. It’s about time some of these so called political leaders who think they can dictate what people do & how to live their lives , are put in their place & let people live their lives the way they want. Many decisions made by Governors & Mayors who want to CONTROL people in their state or city, are NOT made with ” scientific studies “. Sure there might be spikes in certain areas, but it’s NO EXCUSE for these ” blanket ” rules these politicians have been ordering.
    They are not ” medical experts ” & even the medical community can get things wrong. There are MANY differing opinions in the medical community about the corona virus outbreak.

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  4. Vaccinations are a time-bomb! It’s a weaponized ploy to depopulate the entire Globe. And people are simply walking into the slaughter house. It’s not designed to drop the person right away. it’s designed to take it’s time to do what they want. Then they can blame on the virus, and get absolution, and walk free. Babies getting aborted very shortly after the injection. Blood clots forming after the inoculation. And a plethora of other symptoms showing up in folks who were otherwise healthy before getting the shot. Please, do not forget that the people who devised these so called anti-viral shots, are the same ones who want to depopulate this World! Bill Gates has a lot of money into this game. And he thinks he’s better than us, and is a grand pusher of depopulation.

  5. There is proof that masks do not help anyone avoid any type of virus. The data proves this. The human body has a few ways it releases waste from our body, of course the obvious way that goes into our toilets, then is sweating and breathing. If done into a cloth that is worn on your face. Basically a face diaper. When we breath we release waste toxic to our bodies, one of the most critical toxins we release is CO2, if we cannot get enough oxygen or completely release the CO2 because we are being restricted by something over our mouths and nose, it could cause neurological problems not to mention lung infections, at best it will compromise your immune system making it less likely you would be able to stave off an attack of a virus or infection. It isn’t me saying this, MD’s with Harvard degrees and studies to back up their words are my source. Anyone can look this up if you get off of google and find a better browser Ecosia is a good one. Even Duck Duck Go doesn’t filter results like Google who buries facts and relevant websites.

  6. You idiot judges you said, “The question in this case is not whether the governor acted wisely; it is whether he acted lawfully. We conclude he did not,” Justice Brian Hagedorn wrote in the majority opinion.

    Yoiu are not to wish because the idiot governor was just following his bosses orders. It is NOT WISE to wear a mask for long periods of time, the masks do not block particle sizes which the covid fall into hence the masks are usless and dangerous. Where do we get chicken sh.t, dumb as.sed judges like you clowns from? Do they breed you clowns? really, oh wait your lawyers and lawyers, typically are uslessles people and not that smart either. How sad.

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