Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down effort to remove names from state voter rolls

The highest court in Wisconsin issued a split decision this week impacting the manner by which voter rolls are updated in future elections.

According to the Associated Press, the state’s Supreme Court on Friday ruled that the Wisconsin Elections Commission should not remove from the rolls those voters who have been flagged for having possibly moved to a different location.

Background on the case

The 5-2 decision came when two of the court’s conservative justices sided with three of their liberal colleagues.

By and large, conservatives have argued for the importance of maintaining accurate and updated voter rolls in an effort to limit the possibility of election fraud. Progressives, on the other hand, have insisted that such efforts amount to a thinly veiled attempt to suppress the vote.

The case decided in this week’s ruling dates back to 2019, when a conservative group filed a lawsuit attempting to initiate an update of the state’s voter rolls. Plaintiffs argued that Wisconsin law makes the state’s elections commission responsible for maintaining the database.

Later that year, the Ozaukee County circuit court agreed and ruled that the commission must remove names of voters who were believed to have moved. The following year, however, a state appellate court overturned that decision.

Following that ruling, the matter advanced to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“No credible argument”

On Friday, the state’s top court ruled against the conservative group by upholding the decision of the appellate court and placing the duty of updating voter rolls on the state’s local election clerks.

Justices wrote in the majority opinion that there is “no credible argument” that the state elections commission ought to be responsible for the job.

As for the two dissenting justices, they argued that even though local election clerks are given the responsibility of maintaining voter rolls under state law, it is up to the elections commission to make sure that the work is being carried out effectively.

The majority disagreed, however, writing that it would be a “remarkable expansion of the Commission’s powers and responsibilities” to task it with updating the entire state’s database.

When the lawsuit was first filed, roughly 234,000 people in the state had been flagged for having possibly moved, but the elections commission claims that none of them voted in November’s presidential election, which ended in a narrow victory for President Joe Biden. Currently, the number of flagged voters has dropped to about 70,000.

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19 Responses

  1. Once again the Fed court was our last line of defense and apparently Trump didnt know these scumbags as well as he thought he did! I pray to GOD that there is not an open civil war in this country as so far only the left has openly fired upon innocent people and Free Americans! They are so low as to have killed multiple new born babies in their willy nilly shooting into crowds and yet you dont hear a word about that in the media, not even the right wing media! I dont trust any of them and i will never turn in my property or pay a tax on any i already own free and clear! These people are Traitorous scum and all should be hanged! They would have been back in the days of our forefathers!!! Sorry thats my opinion about those that have betrayed the people of our country! None should get away with it! Lets not forget any unconstitutional laws imposed on the people are automatically NULL&VOID so they can kiss it!!!%

    1. Couldn’t have said it better, They are evil scumbags that don’t give a damn about us or our beautiful country or the military that defends there lying butts.

    2. Your voice has not been ignored ! You are merely reflecting the feelings of the American citizens. Our country today is in grave danger from this democrat regime. If left alone they would rob us of all liberties and become a Gestapo form of government.

  2. Once again the supreme court is Not on the people’s side, we can’t depend on them for hardly anything. Still think Roberts is the one that is the one that snags it everytime.

    1. Margaret this decision was not made by the US Supreme Court. It was made by the State Supreme Court of Wisconsin and only pertains to WI’s voter rolls.

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  4. Wisconsin needs to clean up their courts. Looks like their Supreme Court is full of biased Leftist frauds. These people should not be allowed to have a say in anything they are not competent to handle a judges seat due to extreme bias and stupidity.

  5. There are some weasel words here. “should not remove from the rolls those voters who have been flagged for having possibly moved to a different location”. POSSIBLY MOVED. Seems to me that a person has either moved or hasn’t. That person is either still in the same state or isn’t. I can see why you wouldn’t remove someone who has POSSIBLY moved, but isn’t confirmed to have actually moved. However, if that person is confirmed to have moved (Social Security records and/or postal records), then the law must require the removal of their name from the eligible voter rolls to reduce the chance of someone submitting a vote for that person. This article isn’t clear about whether that distinction was made.

  6. They are taking their thinking from Ca. none of the local or state government will allow voter rolls there either.

  7. Now that’s just plain stupid…all voter rolls need to be cleaned up… remove the dead people…if they moved then they moved take them off voter rolls as well… unlawful to be able to vote in multiple states you fn moron

    1. Exactly. Very well said, Debbie. Remove the dead. Remove those who have moved out of state or out of the voting district and absolutely remove those who are incarcerated for having committed a felony.

  8. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Here are the democrats cheating again in Wisconsin.

  9. Lookout for rigged elections coming up in Wisconsin!! This would be the ONLY REASON THEY WANT TO keep people who dead and people who have moved away from the area on their rolls!!! Shame on you Wisconsin!!!

  10. I can not help but wonder how much time and expense is spent by the Dems to find dirt on everyone they wish to get lined up with them. Where is the courage of the people they blackmail, yes, I believe, blackmail. It is sickening, but whatever the former sin, is it worse than treason against this country, against common sense, logic, reason. Judges are supposed to have a long hx of these qualities. STOP being wimps. Ask whomever you have sinned against for forgiveness and show some courage, judges! Courage is a grand quality and fear of blackmailers a diminisher of integrity.

  11. I agree with you all on every part of the Demo Party. They are all crooks and Hitler-type people that want to take all our freedom ( what’s left of it) away and tax us into poverty. I think it’s time we the people clear the crooks out of the White House. I mean clear it legally. It’s time we get the to resign and charged with treason.

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