Wisconsin taxpayers appeal to Supreme Court to stop Biden’s student loan vote-buying scheme

President Biden has regularly defied constitutional limits on his power, but there is growing pressure to hold him accountable in the courts as he seeks to buy up votes with a brazenly illegal student loan forgiveness scheme.

A conservative group has asked the Supreme Court to block Biden’s student loan smash-and-grab before it takes effect this weekend, CBS reported.

Supreme Court asked to stop student loan scheme

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, which is representing the Brown County Taxpayers Association, blasted Biden’s uniliteral $1 trillion jubilee as an “extraordinary, and perhaps unprecedented” usurpation of Congress’s power of the purse.

The challengers sent their request to Amy Coney Barrett while a lower court weighs their case against Biden’s plan, which would forgive $10,000 for most borrowers and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients, who are disproportionately Black and Hispanic.

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty argued that establishing standing has been difficult for challengers in part because the Biden administration hasquickly made changes in a blatant attempt to blunt challenges.”

But they argued that Biden’s power grab is prima facie illegal and could set a dangerous precedent if not stopped.

“The argument that a president may unilaterally forgive debt owed to the U.S. Treasury through executive fiat, and that no one has standing to challenge him, threatens the very foundations of a constitutional republic,” they argued. “If respondents are correct, a future president could similarly order the IRS to implement a one trillion dollar tax holiday — a program that would be ‘lawful’ because no one would have standing to challenge it,” they continued. “The president could send checks to everyone (or to carefully selected demographic groups) for any amount to achieve any political end.”

Brazen patronage?

Brown County Taxpayers Association President Rich Heidel bristled against Biden’s plan, which many say transfers wealth from those without a college degree to Biden’s disproportionately college-educated base.

“What Constitutional power does Biden have to take John Q. Public’s money and pay Jane Q. Public’s school loans? Why not her mortgage, why not her car loan?” he said.

“How did the college-educated caste become the lucky ones? When and how does this stop? This nonsense not only defies the U.S. Constitution — it defies common sense!” he added.

The pretext of Biden’s scheme is that COVID still constitutes a “national emergency,” which he says allows him to use a 2003 law enacted after 9/11 to forgive student loans — even though Biden himself has claimed the pandemic is “over.”

Hopefully, the Supreme Court will step in and stop Biden’s tyrannical abuse of power.