Woke Air Force frets over skilled pilot shortage

Joe Biden’s woke Air Force is beginning to fret over a lack of experienced pilots. 

A major in the Air Force authored an op-ed on the pressing issue, saying it must be addressed “head-on.”

Woke Air Force frets over pilot shortage

Maj. Brian Leitzke notes that the Air Force “was short 1,650 pilots in 2021, and the shortfall will likely only get worse.”

Competition from the commercial airline industry, which is also facing shortages, will make it more difficult to retain “mid-career officers who may be flying less or who are concerned about the impact of the military lifestyle on children who are getting older.”

The crisis “must be addressed head-on” with bonuses and other incentives, Leitzke says.

What he doesn’t offer is any way for the 86 percent of Air Force pilots who are white and male to keep both their jobs and their dignity amid rising state-sponsored race hate.

The Air Force’s new racialist quotas aim to bring the percentage of white officers down to 67.5 percent, a significant drop from the 80 percent white applicant pool the Pentagon sought in 2014.

“Diversity” equals strength?

An official memo said it is “imperative that the composition of our military services better reflect our nation’s highly talented, diverse, and eligible population.”

The poison is coming from the very top — and it didn’t start with Joe Biden, either. After George Floyd died, Air Force Major General Edward Thomas authored an impassioned screed advocating for more “diversity.”

“To be clear, the Air and Space Forces are not setting quotas based on race or gender. We will, however, focus intensely and concentrate our efforts in traditionally underserved communities,” he wrote.

The bizarre hyper-focus on race quotas has only gotten worse under President Biden, who has pledged to make so-called “equity” the guiding focus of his entire administration.

Maybe the Biden administration should prioritize military readiness, and not weird race ideology.