Woman accuses Biden of unwanted advances during ceremony for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Throughout his decades in public life, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been dogged by repeated allegations of inappropriate behavior around women.

In a pair of social media posts that came to light this week, the wife of a cop injured following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing added her name to the list of individuals allegedly touched by the former vice president, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“Asked if I wanted to ride”

Kim Donohue made the bombshell claims in two Facebook posts, though one has reportedly since been deleted.

The accuser, who is married to retired officer Dic Donohue, said the unwanted touches and remarks came during a ceremony in 2014 in remembrance of those killed in the blast. Her husband was injured during an ensuing manhunt for bombing brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

During the event in 2014, Donohue said Biden began giving her an unsolicited lower back rub.

“Biden then asked if I wanted to ride in a car with him down to a ceremony we were all attending at the Marathon finish line,” she wrote in a 2016 Facebook post. With her husband alongside her, she described entering the vehicle for “the most uncomfortable 3 person car ride” she had ever taken.

“I couldn’t get out of that car fast enough, I practically dove into the pavement,” Donohue added.

“Those eyes are mesmerizing”

Another post included her accusation that the then-vice president made unwelcome remarks about her physical appearance, specifically her eyes.

“Anyone else as good looking as you in that family…those eyes are mesmerizing, people must just do whatever you say,” she quoted him as telling her.

While Donohue has since confirmed that she did publish the posts in question, the Examiner noted that she refused to make any other public statement regarding her claims or the alleged incident.

She is not alone in making such claims, though. In April, Business Insider reported that a former staff member accused Biden of sexually assaulting her nearly three decades ago. The following month, Fox News reported that a woman accused him of making inappropriate remarks about her body when she was a minor.

Biden and his team have denied the claims against him, but these allegations are nevertheless sure to weigh on the minds of many undecided voters as Election Day draws near.

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