Woman arrested for disrupting Trump trial in New York

 October 19, 2023

A woman was arrested for disrupting President Trump's civil fraud trial in New York on Wednesday.

The court said that no one was ever in danger from the woman, who was identified as 37-year-old Jenny Hannigan, an employee of the New York courts in Queens.

Arrest DURING Trump trial

The court said that the woman approached the front of the courtroom where Trump was seated and that she returned to her seat after a warning.

The court said the woman, who has been charged with contempt of court, was shouting about wanting to "help" Trump. But reporters in the room - where no video cameras are allowed - say they didn't hear any shouting.

The incident was low-key enough that Trump apparently didn't notice.

“Who got arrested?” Trump asked. “We didn’t know anything about it.”

Suspect has legal history

The woman became argumentative with court officers after she was escorted from the courtroom - and she was allegedly heard shouting for people to come to rescue her during the arrest.

“You’re scaring me, and I have a right to be here. I’m an American citizen, and I’m also a court employee. I’m also just here to support Donald Trump," she said outside the courtroom.

Following her arrest, Hannigan was placed on administrative leave at her job at a courthouse in Queens.

The woman's motivations are unclear. As recently as two years ago she posted an anti-Trump article on Facebook, the New York Post reported.

Hannigan has a history of erratic behavior, it seems. She was arrested in 2015 for bashing a credit card machine at a Brooklyn gas station.

She also previously alleged she was sexually assaulted by a Nassau County cop during an arrest for drunk driving. Hannigan ended up reaching a settlement with the police.

Witch hunt

The New York case has no jury. The judge, Arthur Engoron, has already ruled that Trump defrauded banks by inflating his assets.

Trump has said there is no victim, the banks were paid back, and they had a duty to scrutinize his financial statements anyway.

Trump has used his in-court appearances to tell his side of the story, blasting the case - led by anti-Trump attorney general Letitia James (D) - as part of a broader political witch hunt to derail his presidential campaign.

Trump is also facing four criminal indictments, all brought by prosecutors aligned with Joe Biden and the Democratic party.

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